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Extreme South Walking Holiday

Key attractions


Experience the wildlife that Madagascar is famous for! Visit two of South East’s iconic treasures, the Lemur Katta and the Turtles. Spend the whole day at Cap Sainte Marie Reserve, witnessing turtles laying eggs at night and the experience of releasing baby turtles back into the wild. Those looking for lemurs shouldn't miss Berenty Reserve on a trip to Madagascar, one of the most famous reserves on the island. For the adventurous wanting to see the amazing "dancing" sifakas, be prepared to a trekking through a vast portion of the world's most unusual forest in the Andohahela National Park.

Key infomration

Price On request
Duration 16 days
Transport A car, jet
Distance ~ 1100 km on the land
Camp 2
Difficulity Middle
Regions South-East, South, Antananarivo

Day by day

Arrival at Antananarivo

Welcome! How was your flight? We are so happy you arrived safe in Antananarivo from your international flight. You may feel a little lost once here, but no worries: we will be there to welcome you at the airport. Our tour will begin in Antananarivo, where are we will depart by car, but before catching a hotel we will visit in the Ivato crocodile farm, also called “Croc Farm”. Spanning three hectares, this lush green oasis is ideal for you to relax.

From the “Croc Farm” we will transfer you to your hotel, where you will stay overnight. Do you want a piece of advice? Choose a light meal for dinner. You will feel more comfortable during your overnight stay at your hotel. In the evening after dinner, over cocktails we discuss our program. From the first day to the last day our experienced and professional guide and the driver will be next to you, so don’t worry about it, they are near to make sure you have everything you need. We are leaving tomorrow.

Arriving in Tana;

Visit in the Ivato crocodile farm, also called “Croc Farm”, lunch and cocktails;

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast;

Dinner and discussion our program.

Tana – Fort-Dauphin

This early morning, depending on the flight schedule, we will proceed to your transfer to the airport and flight to Toalagnaro. After about a three-hour journey, we will arrive at your lodge or hotel.

Let’s enjoy it. Discover this amazing place where you’ll stay for few days! Start gathering highlights from today on: enjoy exploring the beaches, swimming in the sea before going for a walk. Relax. Delight and don’t worry, we took great care of everything.

Fort-Dauphin is a little sample of what the island can offer to the visitor hungry of authenticity, discovery and adventure. We spend a day touring the town of Fort-Dauphin. You can watch live the biggest market of Fort-Dauphin. You can also immerse yourself in the past by looking at the Fort Flacourt dating from the seventeenth century, Fort-Flacourt Museum and the historic site, witnesses of colonial history and civilization of local ethnic groups.

We enjoy lunch at a local restaurant and then, in the afternoon, we visit Mandena Conservation Zone of littoral forest and breeding-ground, tour by boat on the channel. Walk and canoe through 40 acres of orchids, palms, elephant ears, bamboo and quiet carnivorous plants. Do not be surprised to cross the road of crocodiles, lemurs and turtles that have chosen to live there.

We finish up the day with an evening swim at Libanona beach where we listen to music provided by a local band and eat some delicious local food.

Starting at 5-00;

Flight to Fort-Dauphin (Departure approx. at 07-30 or 08-00);

Travel time: about 3 hours. Please note that Air Madagascar frequently changes their flight schedules, so timing and activities on this day must be flexible. Alternatively, you can use our service "Charter a private plane" and charter a private plane directly to Fort-Dauphin.


Click here to learn more about excursion «Mandena Conservation Zone»;

Enjoy the many activities Fort-Dauphin has to offer, such as:




*whale watching,

*or hiking in a natural setting far from mass tourism;

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast: Boutique hotel Le Talinjoo. Fort-Dauphin has to offer other various hotels to suit your needs.

Andohahela National Park

This morning you will be introduced to the highlights of Fort-Dauphin and surrounding area by your guide. We get up early to take a short hike up the Saint Louis hills just outside town where we see the stunning sun rise over the Anosy Peninsula. This peak dominates the whole city and culminates at 529 m of altitude. At its top, you can admire one of the most beautiful views of the island, with Sainte Luce, the bay of Lokaro, the beaches of Libanona, the islet of the Portuguese, etc. Trekking lovers will be delighted to climb and find themselves surrounded by luxurious vegetation where ravenalas, raphias, orchids and periwinkles intermingle in a grandiose setting.

This morning we will make an early departure into the nearby Andohahela Mountains to a very special and unique area called Manangotry. You can choose between a 3 to 5 hours walk (Manangotry and Malio circuits). This region of mid-altitude rainforest has only recently opened up and is the only site where one has a reasonable chance of seeing the recently rediscovered and highly localized Red-tailed Newtonia.

A guided tour of the Andohahela National Park this morning should enable us to have some close wildlife encounters. Southern bamboo lemurs play in the trees and are frequently sighted on the walk, whilst noisy Red-collared brown lemurs are usually heard moving through the trees and calling to each other before they are seen. The endangered Andohahela sportive lemurs are fewer in number but can sometimes be spotted in this area. Iguanas, fruit bats and different frogs are also commonly sighted in the national park.

To learn about Trigger species of birds for this area click here for Parcel I and click here for Parcel II.

Starting at 4-30;

Click here to learn more about «The ascent of the pic Saint Louis» - hike time – around 2 hours;

Breakfast on the pic Saint Louis;

Drive to the Andohahela National Park. Distance about 100 km on rough roads and tracks in both directions.

Click here to learn more about «Walks in the Andohahela National Park». This is an extremely diverse park.

Of course, if you wish to extend this excursion for one night or more, the park has many places. According to your desires and your budget we will have the possibility of bivouac in the evening, or accommodations are found not far from the park. Only by prior arrangement when booking this tour.


We return to Fort-Dauphin in the evening till 18:30, to be refreshed in the swimming pool and have a delicious dinner in the hotel.

Tsimelahy - Berenty PR

In the morning, we start in the southern extreme of the eastern rain forest region in the land of the Antanosy people and drive through their small villages and markets, with a stop at a tomb site. From there, we continue on through the transition zone between eastern rain forest and spiny forest, and have the option of diverting into the Tsimelahy region of Parcel III of Andohahela National Park.

There is a well-laid out trail at Tsimilahy in a very picturesque spot that mixes elements of the spiny forest with several species endemic to the transition zone itself. The best known of these endemics is the famous triangle palm (Dypsis decaryi), a beautiful tree that is now grown horticulturally around the world, but is naturally found only in this tiny area. Tsimelahy is best described as a natural botanical garden, and definitely worth a visit.

From there, we continue on our way into the land of Antandroy, the true spiny forest. Along the road are still to be found some expanses of intact spiny forest dominated by the magnificent Alluaudia plants of the Didiereaceae family, and we also pass several villages of the Tandroy people, who live in this very inhospitable environment. Finally, at about 80 km from Fort-Dauphin, we arrive at the region of the Amboasary-Sud sisal plantations, a vast expanse of these Mexican plants that were introduced in the first half of the 20th century. We pass through the village of Amboasary-Sud and drive about 10 km through the plantations to Berenty Private Reserve.

Distance: about 95 km on rough roads and tracks;

Tsimelahy region of Parcel III of Andohahela National Park. Here are several circuits which allow you to contrast and compare the different species found in the park. The easiest one is the 2 hours walk in the transition forest passing through natural pools. In Tsimelahy Loop trails you will see the Red billed teal, Banded plover, Manqua dove, and Helmeted guineafowl.

The land of Antandroy;

Lunch en-route;

Stop at the village of Andranomainty, where one can buy simple but charming little wood carvings of lemurs, chameleons, and other animals.

Accommodation at bungalows of Berenty Reserve, Bed & Breakfast. The bungalows are clean and basic. Electricity is provided through generators from 06-00 – 10-00 and from 17-00 – 21-00.


For a whole day, we explore this superb private wildlife reserve, famous for its population of ring-tailed lemurs and sifakas (the most picturesque primate with creamy white fur and darker face). The Berenty reserve is a fantastic place to see the lemurs up close. There are 5 species of lemur found here including two nocturnal ones. The 'dancing' Verreaux’s sifakas are entertaining to watch!

Bordering the Mandrare River, the Berenty Reserve includes more than 600 acres of gallery and riverine forest. In addition to the wildlife, the spiny forest itself is very interesting as are some of the old baobab trees.

An excellent guide will be able to spot some rare endemic birds including the white browed and scops owl, madagascar nightjar, sand grouse, crested and running coua.

Most of the reserve can easily be covered on foot, although we will drive to some of the outer areas, about a 10 minute drive away from the lodge. These include the gallery forest of Bealokoa and the magnificent spiny forest patch at Anjapolo, located just 15 km from the headquarters of the reserve and still part of Berenty. The forest at Anjapolo is rich in Didierea trolli, an impressive species of Didiereaceae not found in the more frequented spiny forest patches in the main part of Berenty Reserve.

Walks in the Berenty Private Reserve;

Lunch and dinner at lodge's restaurant;

Here we are able to take night walks to see some of the nocturnal species which are particularly prevalent in this reserve. As the night falls on the spiny forest of Berenty, many nocturnal lemurs (sportive lemur) appear, often among the thorny branches of Didieraceae. Among the leaves of a succulent Euphorbia, we will be able also to see a Microcebus myoxinus, a small nocturnal lemur (pygmy microcebus) also known as "Peter’s Microcebus," the smallest lemur (and primate) in the world;

Overnight at the bungalows of Berenty Reserve, Bed & Breakfast.

Ifotaka Community Forest

In the morning, we make a short tour to sisal plantation near Berenty, sisal manufacturing and also the Androy museum. After a short drive north along the sisal fields, we will be ferried across the Mandrare River through the gallery forest to the Ifotaka village to see daily life in action. Here you get to meet, and have a glimpse into the life of the Tandroy people, a local tribe in the Spiny Forest. They are very proud of their culture and demonstrate for visitors how they weave the traditional lamba - cloth, by hand. Visitors are given a chance to try their hand at the weaving and if you're not happy with your handiwork, you can buy some crafts made by the local professionals!

In keeping with this cultural immersion, that afternoon we cross the Mandrare River again, this time to visit the Sacred Forest, which is filled with the ancestral tombs of the Antandroy Tribe. The trip can be good opportunity for people interested in Spiritual aspects of Madagascar culture. You start getting mystical vibes as soon as you step inside the forest. The Tandroy people who live in the area have long protected part of Ifotaka Nord as a sacred site. You also get to meet an Ombiasy  - a traditional healer or witchdoctor who has been known to tell people's fortune.

Enjoy a meal or a drink of rice wine with the local people while they show you some of their culture. Hospitality to visitors is a way of life in the Antandroy village. They then give you a fanomezana (gift) and habobo (milk that is left out in the sun for a few days until it becomes sour and clumpy). After eating it, even if you are not the biggest fan of habobo, but you’ll have to eat just about anything that is offered to you, especially in this culture. Hopefully, this gives you a glimpse of the strong relationships we have with the people in Ifotaka.

Distance: about 75 km;

Discover the Ifotaka Community Forest;

Small Avenue of the Baobabs;

Our evening will be marked with sundowner among the baobabs, with views across the sisal fields to the mountains beyond. Before dinner we will be treated to a cultural performance of traditional music and dance. The Tandroy people love to teach the Spiny Forest dance to visitors so if you enjoy dancing, be prepared to show your moves and join in around the fire at night after a day of village life;

Accommodation at the Ifotaka Community Chalets (CCI) on the banks of the Mandrare River (or a similar lodge), in the heart of the spectacular thorny and sacred forest of Antandroy. These bungalows were designed by local leaders and built by local craftsmen. The 8 bungalows, large campsite and a newly constructed interpretive centre.

Lavanono Bay

Today we will continue our journey in the semi-arid southern part of Madagascar via Ambovombe to see the different types of landscapes and ancestral culture in the form of decorated tombs with zebus horns and sculpted woods "Aloalo". In this remote area of southern Madagascar, not too far from the major towns, but infinitely distant due to the non-existent infrastructure, farmers and ranchers live in miserable huts of wood and mud. In this part of South the money has almost no value; people ask to the few passers-by who venture this far, bottles of mineral water and a few T-shirts, goods that they can not find anywhere here.

On most of the way we will continuously spot many Alluaudia (Octopus tree), predominantly Alluaudia procera, as well as Alluaudia ascendens. The plants, mixed with large bushes of Opuntia, create a heavenly ambience which is very picturesque for lovers of succulents.

Finally we will approach to the superb corner, especially when we arrive on the road overlooking a coral valley, formed by the fall of a meteorite. Lavanono is right at the bottom of Madagascar, just about as far away from civilization as it is possible to get. Lavanono is surrounded by an immense canyon resembling a half crater. With its long beach and reef breaks, it is truly a surfer’s paradise. We have a relaxing day at Lavanono Bay, if you wish you can have a go at surfing, and enjoy your time soaking up the sun at the beach.

Starting at 8-00;

Distance: about 200 km;

Drive time: about 5 hours;

Lunch in Tsihombe;

Click here to learn more about Lavanono bay;

Enthusiasts of thrills will find their happiness here. There is a possibility of renting surf, long board, SUP, fun board.

Activities: Traditional Fishing by Vezo-dhow with Vezo-fishermen, Whale watching (in season), Quad ride, Zebu-carting on a huge beach.

Accommodation, Bed & Breakfast: Lavanono lodge will enchant and fascinate you. It is an eco-lodge with facilities that are a little more French out of necessity as water is precious in the middle of the spiny forest desert. Individual bungalows are set right on the beach at this extraordinary surf spot – all you will have to do is relax and enjoy an amazing surf experience.

NOTE: since the infrastructure associated with the practice of kitesurfing is not yet developed here, it is essential for kite surfers to take all the equipment (kite-) and repair kits they need, a useful precaution to take advantage of this spot.
Cap Sainte Marie Special Reserve

You will wake up in the morning in your beautiful unique accommodation to the sound of incredible waves. After your breakfast we will take you out to visit the Cap Saint Marie Special Reserve. Lavanono is the ideal starting point for the trip to the most southern point of Madagascar, beyond which there are only thousands of miles of ocean, before the ice of Antarctica.

But the real attraction of the reserve of Cap Saint Marie, in the extreme south of Madagascar, is the population of radiated tortoise (Geochelone radiata) endemic to this region. Endangered, but still numerous in the region since we must stop frequently to move them on the low side of the track!  Another turtle that lives in Cap Saint Marie is the curious spider tortoise (Pyxis arachnoides). Similarly to the box turtle, the spider turtle is able to close almost completely the access to the vulnerable parts that contain the head retracted, through a piece of the frame plate.

The Cape circuit is a short walk through the dwarf spiny forest where you can spot reptiles and birds amongst this extraordinary scenery. Besides, you will pass through an incredible sacred cave and enjoy some moving dunes. You will also visit other caves and see bats.  We venture to area known for its iconic lighthouse, still in operation which can be visited and with a high density of tortoises.

Distance: about 35 km;

Discover The Cap Sainte Marie Special Reserve;

Click here to learn about Trigger species of birds for this area;


Dinner and overnight at bivouac. In Cap Sainte Marie you will camp at a site in the heart of spiny forest and make a night walk to see Mouse lemurs, as well as walk around the Tandroy village. In the evening we offer food cooked over a wooden fire. Feel your pleasure with our organization.

As an alternative, we can return for overnight in Lavanono, but in this case evening and night activities are to be excluded.

Faux Cap - Anony Lake

In the morning, relax and walk at the southernmost tip of Madagascar to watch meeting of the Mozambique Channel and the Indian Ocean as well as the spectacle of the migration of humpback whales (from June to October). The promontory ends with a huge beach where there are fossils of shells and eggs of an Elephant bird. The Aepyornis, a species now extinct, was so great to be able to contain as many as eight liters of water. Some eggs were reconstructed piece by piece and are preserved in museums or private collections.

To finish the loop trip, we will move with a 4x4 vehicle to return to Fort Dauphin. We will stop once again to enjoy the incredible landscape of the extreme south of Madagascar. You will never forget the landscape you discover in this place because it is impossible to move before arriving at the most beautiful beach of Faux Cap (last village located on the Indian Ocean in southern Madagascar). This small village takes its name from Portuguese navigators who, deceiving themselves in their calculations, thought it was the southern tip of the Big Island. In compensation, Betanty was nicknamed "False Cape". It is nonetheless a very beautiful fishing village and a lagoon protected by a rocky barrier where you can relax before the day's journey. This spot is extraordinary, a large white sand beach where come to rest the turtles, a lagoon of 20 km with a translucent water, just for us, alone in the world!

In the afternoon, we continue our journey on the rugged South coast to the towering dunes. Behind huge sand dunes you will discover the magical Lake Anony... Walk along the lake shore to a beautiful picnic spot, scale the 22-meter-high sand dunes for incredible views and go for a swim in the lake. It is a beautiful place where the lake flows into the sea, flat lake side, sea side waves! The lake extends near the plantations of sisals, the herbalists can also pick up medicinal and aphrodisiac plants there! It is no coincidence that many colonies of flamingos come every year between September and the March!

Distance: about 290 km on a bumpy track;

Travel time: about 10 hours;

The most beautiful beach of Faux Cap;

Click here to learn more about Anony Lake;

Click here to learn about Trigger species of birds for this area;


In the evening we finally will arrive at the charming town of Fort-Dauphin and at your hotel.

The Domaine de la Cascade

Today we can either rent bicycles or take the car out of the town north towards Manantantely. Along this road we can stop and do some short hikes though patches of the rain forest or climb the ancient Anosy hills which provide amazing views of the countryside and sea.

The Domaine de la Cascade is located near the village of Manantantely and offers a plantation of vanilla, a campsite, a restaurant and the opportunity to walk along the river and climb Mount Andranara for a magnificent view of the southern region Anosy. It is a short hike and medium due to the climb of 200 meters separating from the summit. It starts at the nursery and then runs along the river near a very small waterfall. The path goes up to reach the bottom of the big waterfall and rises again to reach the top. From the Cascade, we walk in a forest of eucalyptus trees that gradually become scarce with altitude until the total disappearance of the trees near the summit. Ravenella's feet are everywhere, their size also decreases with altitude.

We can spot some birds and raptors from time to time. In contrast the hundreds of butterflies of all colours fly by. After a good hour of climb we arrive at the top of the mount Andranara and enjoy the good flow of air and panoramic views of the surrounding area. It is possible to continue without a visible path but in clear vegetation towards the second peak which rises to 400 meters. The descent, very fast, returns to the waterfall and the starting point in one hour only.

Discover a real haven of peace, the Domaine de la Cascade of Manantantely, meaning a place of honey, is the ideal place to relax. The Domaine takes charge of the preservation and management of one of the last low-altitude sub-tropical primary forests. You can participate in harvesting and sorting of Pink peppercorn. Do not hesitate to spend some time with Dominique, the friendly director of the estate;

Click here to learn about Domaine de la Cascade;

Picnic lunch right next to a natural pool where you can also swim;

We can take advantage of the shade of the large lychees of the Domaine to restore before heading back to Fort Dauphin.

Ankapaky cave of Cape Andavaka

Today we set off to the ends of the earth to discover the cave of Cap Andavaka. You will be surprised to meet lemurs and other animals in this secret corner of Madagascar. The west coast of Fort Dauphin is good to the exploration of astonishing sandstone cliffs, as wild as the Isalo Massif, where you can walk along in the foam of the rough sea.

After 3 hours of drive, including 1 hour of track in the wild bush, we arrive at the Belay fishermen village. From here we start trekking to the beach to spot the amazing Ankapaky grotte, excavated in the cliff. To reach it we have to walk for an hour along the ocean on rocky plateaus at the sea level. The site is impressive: the roaring water rises in geysers from the crevices of the rock, the sea forms in places natural pools, the huge cavities that overlook the forest offers a view of the ocean with intense blue... A unique show like a little first morning of the world.

The eroded stone crumbles gradually, and huge blocks lie at the bottom of this vast open cave, from the top of which we see the trees growing along the steep walls with dangling roots, intertwined in original configurations. In this special microclimate it was possible to develop a rainforest vegetation with lianas and ferns, absolutely unusual in this arid area. In the pleasant coolness of the cave we continue among the rocks to the bottom, where some Ring-tailed lemurs live and from where, through an ocean door, we can go up to the cliff. By climbing the cliff, the hike ends in the vegetation adapted to the usual drought of southern Madagascar.

Starting at 8-00;

Distance: about 75 km each way on a bumpy track;

Drive time: about 3 hours each way;

Discover the Ankapaky cave of Cape Andavaka. The scenery is guaranteed, you will enjoy visiting and a picnic and eat local seafood on the beach. The lobster of Fort Dauphin is very popular and recognized as one of the best in the world;

Click here to watch photos about Ankapaky cave of Cape Andavaka;


Back to your hotel till 18-30.

At your request, it is possible overnight a bivouac on the beach. We will camp at the end of the earth under a beautiful starry sky (It is possible upon prior request when pre-booking a tour).

Grand Lavasoa and the Baie de Galions

In the morning after the breakfast, we take our car and head towards the Galleons bay. Hike through wild flowered covered fields and rugged mountain terrain to experience the best views in Grand Lavasoa, all within the Ambatotsirongorongo reserve boundaries. The mountains of the Grand Lavasoa, recommended for trekking enthusiasts, enable to have a magnificent view of the green Anosy to the northeast, the arid Androy to the west and the Baie de Galions to the south.

We go up the valley towards the mountain pass to access to the pathway which goes to the coast. The circuit offers different trails about 1km. We can choose from three isolated forest fragments in the Lavasoa Mountains, which sit in the middle of where the island's vegetation transitions from dry, spiny bush to thick, humid forest. The trail winds through rain forests that are home to local wildlife such as the Tailless tenrec, Grey mouse lemur, Madagascar Crested Ibis, Archbold's newtonia, Malagasy paradise flycatcher, Ashy cuckooshrike and provides great views of the valley. The only known habitat of the Lavasoa Giant Pill-Millipede is the leaf litter in rainforests on the Lavasoa Mountain. The forest holds the major population of day geckos!

Enjoy a stop to admire the beautiful landscapes towards the coast, the Galleons Bay, the summit of Grand Lavasoa and Fort Dauphin. Cool off and grab a bite to eat at one of our several stops. We go down to the east to find the pass. The descent is steep but the trail makes it easier. The track is well drawn on the pass. From the mountain pass, we can go down to the valley following the stream and find the path, or climb the massif in front of us and reach the higher Grand Lavasoa by the ridges. The hike ends at the shores of Ranofotsy Lake and provides an ideal spot for picnicking. Then on the bend of the sandy path, it's a miracle, a beautiful bay opens between the cactus, its beach draws an ideal semi-circle. It is really the bay where the galleons of King Louis XIV stopped, on their spice route, for the East India Company.

Distance: about 40 km each way on a bumpy track;

Drive time: about 1h-30m each way;

Discover the Ambatotsirongorongo Protected Area;


Return to your hotel till 18-30.

Evatra and Lokaro Bay

Today you will enjoy a tour in Evatra fishing village and Lokaro bay which is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. You will discover a gorgeous bay, a lot of coves and numerous islets including the pristine Sainte Claire nearby. You will also experience the beauty of the most amazing beaches in the south east of Madagascar.

We take the car first to go to the lake where the boat will wait for us to go to the village of Evatra. The ride on the lake is magnificent. We start a 2 hour river trip by pirogue from Lake Lanirano through Arroyos (river channel) that penetrate the heart of aquatic vegetation made of pandanus, Ravinala, and other lilies. In the water stream, you will find many species of birds and fishermen on their boat. We have a great view of the peak Saint Louis, and we slalom among the mangroves that invade the lake.

Arriving at Evatra, we walk on a coastal path that will lead us to one of the most beautiful view existing in Madagascar: Evatra point and the bays surrounding Fort Dauphin. We hike up to the top of one of the hills, there's a stunning view overlooking the lake as it meets the sea at the edge of the peninsula. From there, we continue on a scenic trail along the coast to get to Lokaro Bay via the extraordinarily spectacular granite outcrops and stunning beaches of the Presqu’ile d’Evatra.

We take advantage of the time remaining before lunch to go to a small island in front of Lokaro. It is an island but it is very easy to go because the water is very shallow ... so we just have to cross on foot to get there. We discover a beautiful sandy beach completely deserted. We are quick to put on masks, snorkels and fins to explore the corals.

Click here to learn about «Evatraha peninsula and Lokaro bay tour»;

Click here to learn about "Relaxing in the Lokaro bay";

*River trip;


*After a short hike in the heart of a unique flora in the world, discover the enchanting bay of Lokaro and dive into the turquoise waters of its sandy beaches! You will sample delicious local seafood, walk to beautiful viewpoints and relax and swim to your heart's content;

Accommodation at the Pirate camp, Full board: the lovely bungalows right next to the beach are clean and spacious.

To get the best idea of this place, we recommend that you stay here for at least two days. Of course, you can extend the tour and add a few days in Lokaro Bay.

Nahampoana Private Reserve

So thrilled about what happened yesterday, Lokaro bay is such a great experience! What next? Today, after relaxing on the beautiful beaches, we come back to Fort Dauphin. We can spend the morning relaxing on the beach before setting off to town.

After a light lunch in Fort Dauphin we spend a time at the Nahampoana Reserve. Here you get to see some of Madagascar's most famous residents, the lemurs! Every lemur species native to the south of Madagascar lives in the park.

Entering the park gates on foot is memorable, as you walk through a tunnel of bamboo closing the view of the sky. Tree canopies provide a good mix of shade interspersed with crystal clear skies, to keep you cool but still in the brightness, beauty, and amazingly fresh air of the Island. Walking up to the reception area, you can see some crocodiles in a small camp, lots of Vanilla plants growing wild on the trees, and the Carambole tree with its beautiful star shaped, bright yellow fruit.

Get close to the Lemurs - they are very easy to find, and the guides even know where and when one can usually find the rarest ones, with a bit of luck of course! If you are lucky you could find the bright green Boa snakes in the trees, or see the prehistoric looking chameleons that are common to the area.

The highlight of your visit is when the Ring-tailed Lemur family finds you and climbs all over you begging for bananas. The Verreaux’s Sifakas are normally not far off, and would come dancing closer for their share of the bounty, while we are organizing your lovely outdoor three course lunch.

You also take a little boat ride in a tight canal overshadowed by hanging veins and exotic plants. The boat trip which the kids adore is incredibly peaceful and is the perfect end to a memorable trip. Take a front seat!

The Bamboo lemurs are not so easy to see, but get your guide to take you on a boat down the little river among the bamboos. Plus you will watch birds like the Malachite kingfisher, Grey-headed lovebirds and Lesser vasa parrot as well as great scenery.

This nice closing day of our voyage at the wilds of Madagascar.

Discover the Nahampoana Private Reserve;

Very many of pleasant lemurs;

Light lunch in Fort Dauphin;

Outdoor lunch in the Nahampoana Reserve;

If you want and time allows us, you can make a short, but very interesting visit to Vinanibe Lake, famous for its shrimp and "Sand Surfing" and watch the fantastic sunset;

Dinner and the Music-Dance-Party. The last day in Fort Dauphin is yours but we finish up the evening and the voyage by getting together to listen to local bands from different tribes - a band from the Spiny forest and one from the Anosy region. Hearing how different their music is from one another gives a great sense of how diverse Madagascar is, with strong Asian and African influences;

Overnight at your hotel, Bed & Breakfast.


Today we will go to the airport to take a safe flight to Antananarivo. Departure time usually at about 10-30. Transfer in your hotel in Tana.

Excursion "Tana-city" and Goodbye-dinner in the cozy atmosphere of the Le Restaurant «La Varangue».

We also can make visit the Chocolaterie Robert factory and Chocolatière boutique. Chocolaterie Robert is a traditional cocoa producer and chocolate maker using Trinitario and Criollo cocoa beans organically grown in the Sambirano region (Ambanja). The result is an irresistible range of pralines and chocolate bars made by ancient recipes containing only natural Malagasy ingredients. Prize-winner "GOLDEN BEAN AWARD 2017".

Alternatively, we can make visit The PALA. The PALA jewelers is a gem trader with a reputation for its premium quality gemstones and handcrafted jewelry design. Established in 1922, PALA is one of the original gem traders of Indian heritage to have settled on Madagascar. Today, the PALA Group is in its third generation of business.

Before dinner, if you want, we will be able to make an excursion to Botanical and Zoological Park of Tsimbazaza to see the mythical Aye-Aye. Of course, there are tours that will take you to the natural habitat of the Aye-Aye. But these animals are nocturnal and live in the trees, so spotting them in the dark up in high branches is practically impossible.

Flight to Tana;

Travel time: about 3 hours;

Excursion Chocolaterie Robert factory and Chocolatière boutique;

Excursion The PALA jewelers;

Excursion "Tana-city";

Excursion to Tsimbazaza Park;

Goodbye-dinner in the Le Restaurant «La Varangue».

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast:

The Sakamanga Hotel 3*;

or De France Hotel 3*;

or Colbert Hotel 4*;

or Hotel La Varangue;

or Maison Gallieni.

Flight Home

Today your tour ends. A transfer back to the airport Ivato. We wish you a comfortable journey home and are sure you will take with you some wonderful memories of Madagascar. Experienced travelers are used to goodbyes, but that doesn't mean they get any easier. When the time comes to depart the wonderful Madagascar, we wouldn't be surprised if you were already planning a return trip!

Transfer to the airport Ivato.

Extend this tour:

First time visitors to Madagascar should spend at least two nights in Andasibe, and go to the Mantadia National Park. The Park is home to the loudest and most famous animal the Indri (Indri indri) jumping through the treetops, whose calls reach far away through the forest and awake many guests in the morning.

After spending the time at Mantadia National Park and Analamazaotra chasing lemurs through the gorgeous rainforest you are thought that you had already seen too many lemurs for one day… You are wrong… There is no such thing as too many lemurs for one day. Andasibe has enough to do that you can fill a day or two before, after, or in between visiting Andasibe-Mantadia National Park.

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The area of Ampefy is characterized by volcanic landscape and has been classified as an ecotourism destination by Madagascar National Parks. Volcanoes dating back two million years ago and over 40 lakes of volcanic origin are sc...

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Anjozorobe-Angavo offers you the simplicity of harmonious communication with nature. Your visit will be a unique experience, unlike what you have seen along your journey to Madagascar. The Protected Area allows the followers hik...

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Included in price

*Pick up and drop off;


*Lunch D1; Full Board D6; D8; D13, D14;

*Car 4x4 with a driver;


*Services a personal guide-escort (English or French or Russian language);

*Entrance fees to parks and reserves and the services of local guides;

*Picnics in the stipulated places at the program;

*The Music-Dance-Party in D14;

*Goodbye-dinner in the Le Restaurant «La Varangue» in D15;

*All excursions according to the program;

*Domestic airfare;

*All transfers, including water transport;

*Government taxes and fees, including TVA and tourist tax at hotels.

Not included in price

*International air travel;

*Your medical insurance;

*Personal items and expenses;

*Soft and alcoholic drinks in hotels;

*Lunches en-route;

*Additional activities outside the program.

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