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Walks and Hikes in the
Anjozorobe-Angavo – Protected Area

Quieter than some other reserves in Madagascar, Anjozorobe is 100 kilometres north of the capital, Antananarivo. Anjozorobe is an area of great importance and supports a wide range of fauna and flora. The Anjozorobe Angavo forest corridor is one of the last vestiges of natural forests in Madagascar central highlands. Your stay at the Anjozorobe Angavo forest corridor will allow you to participate in the community development. Local community is the direct beneficiary of the project.

Key figures: 41100 hectares of harmonious and protected landscape; 28000 hectares of primary forest; 9 species of lemurs including the famous Indri indri and diademed sifakas; 74 species of birds; 26 species of micro-mammals; 38 species of amphibians; 36 species of reptiles; 75 species of orchids. Anjozorobe-Angavo is the home of very special lemurs: The black Indri (Indri indri), the black variation of Madagascar’s largest lemur. But the tree canopies of the rainforest leave also place for diademed sifakas (Propithecus diadema), bamboo lemurs (Hapalemur griseus) and black and white ruffed lemurs (Varecia variegata) to jump around and take a rest in the sun. Alltogether, there are nine lemur species living here, four of them nocturnal.

Anjozorobe-Angavo offers you the simplicity of harmonious communication with nature. Your visit will be a unique experience, unlike what you have seen along your journey to Madagascar. The Protected Area allows the followers hiking to admire an exceptional fauna and flora, through thematic circuits, adapted to all the rhythms. Different round trails, most of them well to walk, lead through the forest. You can do walks from one hour to full day trips, among them a visit to a sacred (fady) waterfall. If you are interested in traditional Malagasy crafts and field work, you will be invited to do a special round trail adapted to these topics.

8 tours are possible, from 1 to 7 hours of walk to discover the amazing landscapes, the fields and the rice-fields, the eucalyptus plantations, the visit of the village for immersion: village daily activities, rice storehouse, zebu-carts, the Antsahabe public school, and the unique view of the natural park.

ENJOY THESE… walking and hiking:

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Source tour: 2,7 km, between 2 to 3 hours of walk. It allows to discover the Anjozorobe-Angavo protected forest’s fauna and flora, the primary forest rich in medicinal and endemic plants. You can see the famous Indri indri or Babakoto, the largest of the living lemurs in Madagascar, and also the Propithecus diadema or Sifaka. The famous bird “Jakoko Mena” or Rufus Headed Grandruler can be observed during the Source tour too. The Source tour is characterized by the water abstraction passage for the Antsahabe village feeding.

Hiking tour: 14km, between 5 to 7 hours of walk. This tour is for the big walkers. First, the long walk goes through the forest remnants of Madagascar highland. You can see indeed the Indri indri and the Propithecus diadema, and understand the forest socio-economic and cultural functions. Second, when you arrive at the top of the protected area, your sight is directly to the deterioration process of the natural resources, especially the highland forest. Third, your passage of the Afatrapeo Doany is good to know the local cultural as the Alahamadibe or the Malagasy New Year. It’s a sacred site with gap and 3 raised stones. Then, you see the Ramanarabe tomb during your tour. He was a Betsimisaraka southsayer, the witness of this important region for the Merina royal conquest. On the edge of the natural forests, you’ll meet some people who making charcoal with Eucalyptus trees. After, you’ll pass in the Ambodipaiso small village where you can develop to the villagers your knowledge about the local wickerwork and the zebu cart makers. When you arrive in the Antsahabe village, the population origin and story, the house’s style and color, the social organization within the fokontany and the underground rice storehouse or “silo” in Malagasy, will be explain by the elders of the village. In one of the houses, you would be invited to savour the local coffee. The tour will be continue and visit the public primary School of Antsahabe and the Antsahabe birthplace of “Ravoandriana village”, then crossing between rice fiel and finally the community nursery of Andreba where you can participate in the local reforestation.

Night tour: 1,2 km to 1 hour of walk. The night visit is the complementary tour to the others. During your visit, you’ll see the nocturnal lemurs, like the Lepilemur mustelinus or “Tsidy” and the Avahi laniger or “Fotsife” in Malagasy. In the forest night life, it’s possible to meet others nocturnal animals: chameleons (Calumma brevicornis, Calumma globifer and Calumna gastrotaenia); Frogs (Mantidactilus and gypheromantis). Also, a lot of various insects in the Anjozorobe Angavo forest, among them the stick insect (phasme).

Sacred waterfall tour: 1,5 km, between 1 to 2 hours of walk. You can meet two of the largest lemurs of Madagascar: the Indri Indri, almost with a black coat, characterized by their morning shoot to wake you up, and the Propithecus diadema, easy to observe, with white and brown coat. Some nocturnal species such as Lepilemur mustelinus and Avahi laniger can also be seen in their sleep during the day. There are a lot of plants too that local population use, like “Ramy” in Malagasy or the Canarium madagascariensis (for manufacturing a perfume incense), the “Vintanina” (for manufacturing carts wheels) and the «Hasina» (for circumcision). The Sacred waterfall tour ends up for visiting the small fall, a traditional religion place. Villagers are doing there some ritual blessed request or “tso-dràno” to “Zanahary”, the Great God and ancestors in Malagasy. For information, tuesday, thursday and saturday are taboos for the fall to do sacrifice. The villagers respect that.

Shadows and light tour: 3,4 km, between 3 to 4 hours of walk. You are walkers, you like long walk, this tour is good for you. The “Shadows and light” tour is the Sacred waterfall and the Source tours combined. Enjoy this silence place and the biodiversity. Realize their importance life for the local community and their ecological role.

Bamboo tour: between 2 to 3 hours of walk. You don’t miss this tour. Because you can see many animals and plants of the protected area, like the famous bamboo trees. They are a Hapalemur griseus’s house. During you walk, you can meet the Eulemur fulvus and Propithecus diadema too. On the “Vakona” trees or pandanus, you can see frogs. They stay on their leaves.

Orchid tour: 1 hour of walk. The Anjozorobe Angavo protected area is characterized by the presence of different orchids. The very famous orchids of the rainforest, Angraecum and Aerangis citrata, are present. Orchid tour allows you to see the forest panorama and the Antsahabe village, an amazing view from the forest. You can meet in the meantime some lemurs and the community reforestation.

Community Immersion tour: over 7 km, 2 to 4 hours of walk. The “community immersion” tour is very good for you to discover the daily life of the local population who live in the protected area and its surroundings: rice fields, fields, laterite, green forest… It’s a rich landscape and colours tour. Crossing rice fields and visiting the Ambodipaiso and Antsahabe villages, you’ll understand how to produce the Malagasy’s basic food, the rice and its long step. The “community immersion” tour allows to know the story of the eucalyptus entry in Madagascar, its links with  railways, countryside, source of income… *meeting the local craftsmen with their wickerwork  and  the zebu carts manufacturing; *discovering the Imerina typic village and its social and cultural organization: the village origin and story, the house style and orientation and the agricultural products preservation; *participating in the Antsahabe Fokontany to the villagers daily activities: collecting food products in the fields, their preparation and the typical merina cooking. The “Community Immersion” tour will also give you the opportunity to learn more about the positive impacts of the conservation biodiversity on the local community. You can participate to planting trees from the community nursery. So, you contribute to the development of the community and the sustainable management of the site’s natural resources.

This package includes: Full Board (except breakfast at D1 and dinner on the last day) with beverages: bottled water, juice, tea, coffee; Accommodation at a hotel; 4×4 car transportations.

About meals: Full Board (except breakfast at D1 and dinner on the last day). 3-meals are served on a daily basis; picnic baskets during walks. The crossed cooking is with local products: rice, meat, chicken, vegetables, seasonal fruits. Kitchen staff honours to enhance spices and products from Fanamby’s protected areas (cashew nut, vanilla, wild pepper, pink pepper, red rice).

About accommodation: In elegant bungalows, in the heart of a humid and tropical forest. Equiped with private bathroom with hot water and mobile heating in winter, each bungalow has a large balcony opening to a green landscape. The restaurant and its raised balcony are as much invitations for relaxation and serenity.

Not included: Personal expenses, tips, phone; Sanitary evacuation policy. In option: to be specified during your order.

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