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Motor-boat expedition “Discovery of Masoala”

Key attractions


We created the “Expedition on motor-boat "Discovery of Masoala"” tour for you to be focused solely in exploring the Madagascar’s rainforests. We combine fantastic places which are famous for being the best spot for Madagascar wildlife watching.

Key infomration

Price On request
Duration 10 days
Transport a motor-boat
Distance about 225 km
Camp 1
Difficulity Easily
Regions NorthEast

Day by day

Maroantsetra – Makira Natural Park

We will start our trip from Maroantsetra to Andaparaty village by boat that will take 4 hours. After lunch in the village, we will have 2 hours of leisurely walk to the Antsahabe Lodge in Makira Natural Park.

The Makira forests represent one of the largest expanses of humid forest left in the biologically rich eastern rainforest biome of Madagascar. The forests of Makira ring with the distinctive calls of indri (Madagascar's largest bodied lemur), the emblematic all-white silky sifaka, red-ruffed lemurs, and serpent eagles.

Today we just rest after a long journey and enjoy the virgin nature.

Starting at 8-00;

The distance - about 60 km;

Travel time - about 07 hours;

Lunch it Andaparaty village;

Accommodations - full board;

Overnight in the Antsahabe Lodge.

Makira Natural Park
During these two days we will study the biodiversity of the Makira Natural Park. We will discover many endemic plants and amazing animals. In search Silky sifaka, parsons chameleons, red billed lemur we will also see a variety of birds. Of course, when we get tired, we can always refresh ourselves in the natural pool.

We'll have dinner in the fresh air, picnics in the forest. After a long day of hiking in these preserved environments, you will be happy. Dinner will be waiting for you on the terrace. You will enjoy a cool aperitif in front of a wonderful sunset. The moment of the aperitif is a privileged moment to recall the experiences lived during the day!

We will have two night walks in the forest to discover the secret Fossa.

To follow Indri's loud voice and find Indri, we will have to wake up early, at 5-30 am.

Feel the Malagasy way of life - Malagasy go to bed with the chickens, and get up with the roosters. As everywhere in the tropics we have here early dawn and early sunset. All of our tours will start early to see the most interesting of Madagascar because during a day time animals are asleep or rest, and birds fly away. Only in the afternoon their vigorous activity restarts. Usually breakfast is served from 5-30 am everywhere.

2 night excursions;


Lunches - picnics in the forest;

Accommodations - full board;

Overnight in the Antsahabe Lodge.

Makira Natural Park - the tropical park Farankaraina

After breakfast, we will leave Antsahabe Lodge and head back to the Andaparaty village. There we again sink into our boat and make a trip to Farankaraina tropical park.

As soon as we there, you will have lunch on the beach.

The park covers an area of 1,650ha forest and is home to the Aye-aye and other rarest lemur species. The park has set up four tracks for visitors to explore the nature of the park. Track A (4.1km) leads from the encampment to Vohilingoza's Beach. Track B (2km) follows the Farankaraina River in the north-east direction. Track C (1.2km) also follows the Farankaraina River, but on the other side and towards the north. Track D (1.5km) starts as Track C and continues direction east.

After relaxing on the beautiful beach, about 19-00 we will begin a night expedition in search of famous Aye-Aye, Brown mouse Lemurs, sportive lemurs, snakes.

Starting at 7-00;

The distance - about 75 km;

Travel time - about 08 hours;

Lunch-box on board the boat;

night walk;

Accommodations - full board

Overnight in bungalow.

Farankaraina tropical park

Today we explore this park in search of day lemurs, frogs, geckos, chameleons. Of course, swimming, the beach and cocktails in the program of the day.

Accommodations - full board

Overnight in bungalow.

Farankaraina tropical park - AMBODIFORAHA (MASOALA)

After breakfast, we again take our boat and depart to Ambodiforaha. A pleasant boat trip through the Antongil bay. We will see the beautiful island of Nosy Mangabe, a good opportunity to make panoramic photos.

Once we have reached Ambodiforaha, we can stay in the lodge, or we can go for a walk in the woods searching for a red ruffed lemurs and Helmeted Vanga which are endemic of Masoala National Park. It is a very rewarding walk because we are enjoying our direct contact with the nature that warms us in the eastern part of the island.

In the evening, we will delight in a nocturnal walk on the nearby coastal forest. We’ll try to spot some more wildlife (maybe even the elusive Aye-Aye).

You can relax on the beach and visit the village. You will notice that the place where we stay is like paradise on earth.

Starting at 7-00;

The distance - about 40 km;

Travel time - about 02 hours;

Accommodations - Ecolodge Chez AROL, full board.

AMBODIFORAHA (Tampolo Marine Park)

It’s time to entertain your body with delicate treats! Enjoy today. Put on your comfy shoes. Bring your swimsuit, hat and sunglasses! Today we have to enjoy the proximity   with Indian ocean and the Tampolo Marine Park, for to relax on the beach, swim in the sea or snorkeling in coral reef and picnic lunch on beach and river trip on local canoe made of a tree Canarium dugout. You will enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water of Tampolo River.

After lunch, appreciate free time to relax. Many activities can be done in the surroundings: snorkeling on the nearby reefs, rich in underwater diversity, whales watching if you come between July and September…, or to have a guided sea kayak.  Depending on your mood, choose the activities that attract you the most!

In sort of this journey you will also visit plantations of Vanillas, Cinnamons, Cloves, and coffee bush.

Then, we will return to the lodge on a traditional canoe.



Accommodations - Ecolodge Chez AROL, full board.


Masoala is stunning. What you’ve seen yesterday is just a kick starter. Today we will leave early in the morning to explore the primary rainforest. It is quiet and peaceful, without the noise of civilization. We will discover many animals like snakes and tropical birds.

You can to swim and walk along the beautiful beaches. Take beautiful pictures for your family and your Instagram and Facebook account. Dip your feet in the sand or the ocean. In the late afternoon, the sunset over the sea is just wow!

Accommodations - Ecolodge Chez AROL, full board.


Early morning after breakfast, we will by motor boat pass to Nosy Mangabe: the best place to see black and white ruffed lemurs, the Greater dwarf Lemur, and the Mouse lemur. Small mouse lemurs can be watched even directly on the campground in the evening. Dolphins and sea turtles can also be found in the bay around the island.

Nosy Mangabe is word for word a real paradise – not only for lemur and reptile friends. Aside from the hiking, you can spend some time just relaxing on the golden-colored beach under trees at the sea and swimming just a few meters away from the rainforest. It’s an idyllic spot. If that doesn’t bring out the Robinson Crusoe in you, check your pulse.

We will make a tour over the island and at the end of the day we will be camping. Lunch and dinner will be prepared by us.

In the morning, after breakfast, we'll complete the trip to Maroantsetra.

When you will have your quiet time, close your eyes. Take a deep breath. You are now in Madagascar, and everything you saw was authentic reality!

Starting at 6-00;

The distance - about 45 km;

Travel time - about 2 hours;

Lunches and dinners on the ocean shore;

Overnight in the camp, full board.


In the morning, after breakfast, we'll complete the trip to Maroantsetra.

The distance - about 5 km;

Travel time - about 15 minutes.

Extend this tour:

Welcome to SAVA, a region well known for its attractive rural landscapes, beaches, forests and rainforest. It is surrounded on all sides by the high mountains of Marojejy, Betaolana, and Anjanaharibe-Sud, and is dotted throughout by small, picturesque villages. You want to go beyond the regular day trip. We're here for you! You will have terrific impressions left of all of fascinating activities and night time entertainment. You are the sort of trip-taker who wants to dive right into the excitement. We definitely realize how you feel. There's a reason why you want to travel to a place like Sava, where you'll find lots of things to see and do.

Breathe in and feel your stresses melt away as you explore the area's relaxing pastimes, such as shore fishing and beach combing. If you're feeling energetic and love the water, SAVA is home to a variety of watersport activities. Swimming and snorkeling are a couple of the fun and exciting water activities you can try out in the region.

Immerse yourself in the culinary traditions and head to the local eateries. Trying some authentic cuisine is a fun way to get to the core of a region's local culture. You will surely be charmed by this journey through: *The big park market in Ankoalabe (Tuesday); *The big market in Antambao (Thursday); *Cock fights (Saturday afternoon); *MORENGY: Malagasy boxing (Sunday).

Included in price

*Pick up and drop off;


*Food full board;

*Rent of of boat;


*services a personal guide-escort (English or French or Russian language);

*Entrance fees to parks and reserves and the services of local guides;

*All excursions according to the program;

*Government taxes and fees, including TVA and tourist tax at hotels.

Not included in price

*Domestic airfare and International air travel;

*Your medical insurance;

*Personal items and expenses;

*Soft and alcoholic drinks;

*Additional activities outside the program.

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