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Have you always wanted to design your own tour but let someone else handle all the nitty gritty of organizing it? Do you run specialized tours where you'd like us to put them together for you? Keen birders, scuba divers, conservationists, volunteers, photographers, surfers, medical adventurers, hikers, bikers, historians and geologists – no matter what your specialty is, we can tailormake accordingly! We also offer unique tours which you're more than welcome to join us on!

Do you have a large family or group of friends that you would like to travel? Does your company want to run its own set of branded series tours? The NDAO-i-Travel tailormade services and charter team can do organize all of this for you, and more! Whether it be in an air-conditioned bus, a minivan or a 4 x 4 vehicle, we will tailor a tour for you to ensure that your dream holiday takes in everything you're expecting from it.

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Baobab Quest: Beyond the Avenue of the Baobabs

Key attractions


On our Baobab Quest we go beyond the Baobabs Avenue - it is a very impressive place and celebrated in photos and film (including an IMAX documentary on Madagascar). Visit these places and feel their magic. You will get to experience the hidden highlights as well as the classic points of interest from Morondava to the lemur-packed perimeters of Andasibe and more, allowing for an all-encompassing and varied tour with one final foray into the world of Madagascar’s indigenous lemurs providing yet another reason to be cheerful before finally heading for home with a head full of ever-lasting memories.

Key infomration

Price on request
Duration 25 days
Transport A car, motorboats
Distance ~ 2550 km on the land
Camp No
Difficulity Middle
Regions West, South, The Highlands, East

Day by day

Arrival at Antananarivo

Tongasoa! Welcome! How was your international flight? You are now in Antananarivo, the Capital city! Our bureau's team will be at the airport to welcome you from your international flight. Already now is the time for selfie lovers to take beautiful shots! Our Adventure Holiday tour will begin in Antananarivo, where we will depart by car, but before catching a hotel we will visit in the Ivato crocodile farm, also called “Croc Farm”. Spanning three hectares, this lush green oasis is ideal for you to relax, as we know that having an international flight is tiring.

From the “Croc Farm” we will transfer you to your hotel, where you will stay overnight. Time to settle a bit. Get refreshed. In the evening after dinner, over cocktails we discuss our program. From the first day to the last day our experienced and professional guide and the driver will be next to you, so don’t worry about it, they are near to make sure you have everything you need. We are leaving tomorrow.

Arriving in Tana;

Visit in the Ivato crocodile farm, also called “Croc Farm”, lunch and cocktails;

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast;

Dinner and discussion our program.

Tana – Morondava

This early morning, we will go for a long drive to the west while it’s getting hot slowly, to the coastal town of Morondava, known for having one of the finest climates in Madagascar, stopping at towns and villages along the way. We take the famous National "Highway" 7 that winds through the rice fields and climbing hills, making it possible to observe the landscape of the highlands. The road runs through the fertile plains identified by mountains, the route is very conducive to photos-stops until Antsirabe, the spa town of volcanic highlands. Antsirabe, the city of gemstones and thermal springs, is our first goal.

After small lunch, we travel to the west coast. On the way, you will see many of the famous Baobabs. When we arrive at Miandrivazo, on the banks of the river Mahajilo, we can take good lunch.

We arrive at Morondava in the late afternoon. Morondava is a picture-postcard town and the capital of the Menabe region. The region draws visitors with its forest reserves and flourishing wildlife, but there's plenty more on offer for those willing to get off the beaten track. Also, it is an ideal place for a relaxing stay, since it is less crowded and (so far) devoid of beggars. The beaches are good and extend far to the north side of town.

Maybe you already want tomorrow to make a foray to famous Baobab alley at dawn?

Starting at 7-00;

Distance: about 655 km;

Drive time: about 11-12 hours;

Pit-stop at Behengy to discover the foie gras “Madagascar”;

Small lunch in Antsirabe - it is a tidy, well maintained town which combines the tranquility of a small European provincial town with the exuberance of traditional Malagasy buildings;

Lunch in Miandrivazo;

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast:

Sun Beach Hotel or Palissandre Cote Ouest resort & SPA. Since the place is popular with tourists, there are various hotels to suit your needs.

Scenic charter flights over the most spectacular areas of Tsingy de Bemaraha may be booked. Available aircrafts are Cessna 172 (max. 3 passengers), Cessna 210 (max. 5 passengers) or Cessna 421 (max. 7 passengers).

Allée de Baobab - Kirindy Private Reserve

Our next destination is the dry forest of Kirindy, stopping at the iconic "Avenue des Baobabs" along the way. The Alley of the baobabs is a magical attraction for photographers from all over the world. Baobabs are usually solitary trees, standing tall and proud in the midst of empty spaces. Yet in Allée de Baobab, they cluster together forming an avenue of columns that border the dirty road.

After arriving to Kirindy you can walk around the reserve to observe the wildlife. This protected area is home to Madagascar’s largest predator, the Fossa. And Kirindy Forest offers best chances to see this elegant chaser. Formerly a Swiss forestry training station and now an active German primate research base, Kirindy Private Reserve is a gem - there is a lot more to see! It’s particularly strong on nocturnal lemurs, for in these tangled woodlands live six nocturnal species, alongside two diurnal lemur species and the rare and strange Giant Jumping Rat. There are also some outstanding birds, including the Sickle-billed Vanga and White-breasted Mesite.

Even if you’re unlucky in terms of seeing a fossa, you’re not likely to leave Kirindy Private Reserve disappointed. By day the trees shake with small troops of beautiful white and grey Verreaux’s sifakas (Propithecus verreauxi), here at the northernmost extent of their range, and the lower levels and forest floor are visited by inquisitive and charming Red-fronted brown lemurs (Eulemur rufifrons), some of them so tame they’ll practically lick your camera lens as they investigate what morsels you may have brought (best not to do so).

Distance: about 60 km;

Avenue des Baobabs;

Discover the Kirindy Private Reserve;

Night tour. In the evening you will do Night walk to spot the nocturnal wildlife with park guide as it offers the best wildlife spotting experience including Giant jumping rat, lemurs, chameleons and Fossa. Back at camp after a night walk, it’s well worth staying up for a visit by one of the local pairs of extraordinary giant jumping rats (Hypogeomys antimena), rodents the size of a large rabbit that come into camp to sniff out scraps of fruit and vegetables.

Accommodation at the cottage of the park – Kirindy Forest Ecolodge, full board.

Andranomena SR and Camp Amoureux

Today we will have a day full of new discoveries. We will leave the magical Kirindy Forest to short drive back, towards the Alley of the baobabs. A few kilometers from the Baobab Avenue are the Baobab amoreux, two baobab trees twisted around one another in an eternal embrace. We will stay at the Camp Amoureux. Situated at the heart of Andranomena Special Reserve (Marofandilia dry forest), Camp Amoureux will give you the sensation to be at «the ends of the world». Far from the civilisation and its noises, the camp will surprise you with its private style, which allies comfort, rustic characters and serenity.

Andranomena Special Reserve is pretty rich in animal wildlife. There are two different trails within the Reserve: The Antsarongaza circuit (2 hours) leads through the thick deciduous forest where you will be astonished by the gigantic baobabs and spot lemurs and reptiles. The circuit of the four lakes (the lakes dry up during the dry season) passes through the forest and some baobabs until the lakes where you may observe several rare waterbirds and plants.

We will stroll through Avenue of the Baobabs closer to the sunset: a magic show! A ride through the Avenue is a memorable experience. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to visit these gentle giants when colours of the trunks acquire new shades and the shadows of the trees are the most pronounced, creating a more exotic atmosphere, and when their stark silhouettes form a spectacular contrast to the soft, calming colours of sunrise and sunset. The flowering period is between February and March.

Distance: about 20 km;

Discover the Andranomena Special Reserve;

Avenue des Baobabs;

Accommodation at the Camp Amoureux, Bed & Breakfast. The spacious 14 tents that compose the accommodation dressed on plateforms made with local materials. Each one has a bed matrass and private bathrooms. Meals are served at the chalet restaurant with a clear view of the great lovers Baobab.

We offer you to do what any other tourists will not do, climb up the highest tree for the sunset experience. Click here to learn about "Climb up the Baobab in the Avenue de Baobab".

Attractions: Sifaka (Propithecus verreauxi); Microcèbe de Berthae (Microcebus berthae); Baobab amoureux (lover baobab); Malagasy Giant Jumping Rat, (Hypogeomys antimena); Fosa (Cryptoprocta ferox); Flattailed Tortoise (Pyxis planicauda).


Today, before we get to the Belo-sur-Mer, a little fisherman village where all the beaches are more than wonderful, we will have a half-day full of discoveries of Morondava town.

After walk to the town and market, lunch, then 4×4 transfer to Belo village. En-route to Belo-sur-Mer one of our stops is at the village of Ankevo to see one of the largest baobabs in the Menabe Region.

The peninsula of Belo-sur-Mer presents a coast where rocks and sandy beaches alternate, offering striking contrasts with the sea that takes many colours. The sailing canoes that come to moor on the beaches give a particular dimension to the shores bordered by mangroves which brings a pleasant singular aspect.

Distance: about 70 km;

Drive time: about 3 hours;

Morondava city-tour;

Market and lunch in Morondava;

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast:

le Dauphin Vezo;

L'Ecolodge du Menabe.

Kirindy Mitea National Park

After breakfast we make an early start to Kirindy Mitea National Park. Wildlife viewing is best from about 5-00 – 10-00 and after 14-00. The park is perhaps best known for the lemurs and birdlife associated with the sacred lakes in the southern part of the park.

Within the park there are some very nice hiking trails. The stroll can be short or long as desired, and an early start is recommended.

Kirindy Mitea (sometimes spelled Kirindy Mité, not to be confused with the Kirindy Private Reserve) is a great, varied, extensive and little visited National Park (722 km²) that lies next to Belo-sur-Mer, right in the heart of the ancient kingdom of Menabe.

Visit this beautiful national park on any leg of your safari to discover a particularly eco-sensitive transition zone for three ecosystems – spiny desert, dry forest and mangroves. Heaven on earth for anyone with even one photographic gene. Good for those who want exercise and to get close to nature.

Belo sur Mer - Morombe

After early breakfast, we are starting a major throw in 4×4 vehicle. Our schedule depends on current landscapes conditions (heat, sand, river levels to cross) in landscapes that are suitable for the photo-stops and for meets with the villagers.

Before we reach the township of Manja, we will stop at Andronopasy to see baobabs: Adansonia grandidieri Baill - Grandidier's baobab, giant baobab (Madagascar); Adansonia rubrostipa Jum. & H.Perrier (syn. A. fony) - fony baobab (Madagascar); Adansonia za Baill - za baobab (Madagascar).

Arrival at Morombe depends on all the circumstances.

The photo shows: Majestic baobabs along the Mangoky River near Morombe.

Distance: about 180 km;

Drive time: about 8 hours;


Ferry boat crossing of the Mangoky River;

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast:

Hotel Auberge Chez Laurette;

Chez Laurette

Activities: Big Fishing; Sailing Vezo-dhow; Whale watching

The New Protected Area Mangoky-Ihotry Complex

Today, the whole day will be devoted to the discovery of The New Protected Area Mangoky-Ihotry Complex. It offers different types of habitats (rivers, mangroves, lakes and forests) including waterbirds (Threskiornis bernieri, Ardea humbloti, Ardeola idae Anas bernieri). 114 bird species have been recorded there, of which 23 are endemic to Madagascar. Other endemic species were also identified such as ring-tailed lemur and Verreaux's sifaka, carnivorous Cryptoprocta ferox (Fossa), fish Paratilapia polleni and the highly endangered turtle Erymnochelys madagascariensis.

On site, you will be alone, tete-a-tete with several species of lemurs and the rarest, carnivorous mammal Fossa, which live in the surrounding forests.

Discover The New Protected Area Mangoky-Ihotry Complex;

Click here to learn about Trigger species of birds for this area;


Dinner and overnight at your hotel.

Morombe – Andavadoaka

Relax and visit the village of Morombe in the morning, do not miss the ballet of outrigger canoe that leave off. After breakfast, we will set off to Andavadoaka and on the course, you will discover the variety of “dwarf” baobabs in this arid region that are very different from those before.

Andavadoaka is a “large” Vezo village full of natural beauty and the heavenly beaches, counting about 1500 inhabitants and a big market that attracts Mikea farmers coming to sell some of their crops. Its setting on a really nice bay makes a large part of it very attractive. The village lies on the edge of a shallow lagoon protected from the open ocean by a series of fringing and submerged barrier reefs that support substantial coral growth. Owing to the remoteness and isolation, these coral reefs are thought to possess a significantly higher abundance and diversity of species than other reefs in southwest Madagascar.

A well-worth place to hang around a couple of days, explore some fabulous diving-sites and walk through a fantastic baobab forest, where these amazing trees grow in the most incredible shapes.

Distance: about 40 km on dirt track;

Drive time: about 2 hours;

Click here to learn more about Andavadoaka and activities;

Do not miss the excursion «Sacred cave with bats, Assassins Bay and Sea geysers of Tompolove»;

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast:

Laguna Blu Resort Hotel, or

"Chez Pierrot" guest bungalow, Assassin's Bay. The guest house and its bungalow "Chez Pierrot, Diana and B-Esperanza" is located in the Bay of Killers. The bay, located about twenty kilometers from the village of Ambatomilo, takes its name from a massacre that took place in the nineteenth century among sailors of an English warship. The guest house is located 4 kilometers from the fishing village. It is surrounded by 2 beaches, one overlooking the lagoon, and the other on the bay. It is in the main house that you will be able to take meals at the table d’hôtel of Pierrot.

Andavadoaka – Ambatomilo (Salary Bay) D1

After breakfast on site, we will set off to the Mamirano Bay and Salary Bay by car on dirt track to join Ambatomilo. The journey allows us to observe the bush landscape (dry forest ) and its baobabs rubrostipa of the Mikea country, the last representatives of Bantu ancestors. They are hunter-gatherers, they live hidden in the spiny forest and are very fearful.

Visitors, adventurers, thrill seekers or simple nature lovers, this place offers a wide range of activities for young and old: quad, buggy, volleyball, trampoline, frescobol, petanque.

The third largest reef of the world offers magical and unexpected shows in the Marine Reserve of Mamirano Bay on which we are chosen to settle. Malagasy coral reefs are among the most beautiful diving sites in the world. Off the coral reef, or in the lagoon, you will admire an abundant and varied fauna in sparkling colours such as tropical fishes. During the migration season of cetaceans (whales and dolphins), between June and August, you will have a front-row seat to admire this show in an idyllic setting.

Distance: about 40 km;

Drive time: about 2-3 hours;

Accommodation at the hotel, half board Mikea Lodge;

NDAO-i-Travel together with our partners provides an instructor and gives you the possibility to make unforgettable dives to discover the historical sites with many treasures: shipwrecks witnessing the past trips of the East Indian shipping companies during the Golden Age.

Mikea National Park, Mamirano Bay and Salary Bay D2

We will spend the day exploring the forest trails in the Mikea National Park which is rich in both animal and plant life.

The Mikea forest covers an area of about 1 500 km². It is populated by genies, occult forces, mythical animals, sacred trees, real owners of the place. With its unique flora and vegetation in the world, this forest has always fascinated botanists and nature lovers.

Many endemic species such as octopus tree, aloe are present… Of the 8 species of baobab (Adansonia) encountered in the world, 6 are found in Madagascar, 3 of which are listed in the Mikea forest: Adansonia grandidieri (Reniala), Adansonia za (Za) and Adansonia rubrostipa (Fony).

A bivouac excursion is proposed in the Mikea forest to discover rare birds such as the Sudesertic Mesite (Monias benschi) and the long-tailed Brachypterrole (Uratelornis chimaera), passerines; and also Makis and Microcebes. 9 other species of lemurs have been recorded in the Mikea National Park and 2 of them are species of endemic lemurs.

Discover the Mikea National Park;

Click here to learn about Trigger species of birds for this area;


Overnight at the lodge or bivouac in the forest, full board.

Ambatomilo (Mamirano Bay and Salary Bay) D3

Let's dedicate this day to relax and water activities. This spot still unknown to the sliding lovers offers you a vast expanse of game! The favorable season characterized by the “tsiokatimo” (South Wind) is from September to December. Introduce yourself to sliding sports such as kitesurf with our "IKO level 2" instructor.

You have the choice to practice in front of the lodge or to be dropped off for a descent from Andravona to the village of Ambatomilo (about 7km) as well as a possibility of initiation to paddle surfing.

Between tradition and modernity, we also offer other water activities sessions such as fly-board, overboard, jet ski, “turbing”, wake board, sea kayak, and fly-fish.

Fishing. Aboard a motorized boat equipped for all types of sport fishing, the team nautical center of our partners will guide you to the best spots. Dolphinfish, jacks, barracuda, grouper, snapper, mackerel or wahoo are the most common fishes in the area. You may bring back the fish you want and a chef will be happy to cook it for a special dinner!

Traditional canoe ride. The Vezo tribe is distinguished from the other populations of Madagascar by their attachment to the sea. You will have the opportunity to stroll in their canoes and to discover the Vezo traditional fishing.

Accommodation at the hotel, half board Mikea Lodge.

Of course, you may add a few interesting days to stay on the beach, if you wish.

Ambatomilo - Arboretum Antsokay (Tulear)

Today we will head to a beautiful botanical garden that showcases many species of endemic plants of the south of Madagascar - Arboretum Antsokay.

Antsokay is a botanical garden specialized in the flora and fauna of Southwest Madagascar that should not be missed by anyone. This is the one must-see attraction. Essentially a 40 hectares distillation of the entire spiny forest in one place, it's a fantastic collection of 900 plant species, 90% endemic to the region. We highly recommend staying here least at one day and at one night. The Arboretum has a very good infrastructure. The Auberge de la Table offers an extraordinary restaurant, six very nice bungalows, designed for one or two persons, with superior equipment, running hot water, electricity made by solar panels and a great pool to refresh you.

Distance: about 120 km of coastal track to Tulear;

Drive time: about 4 hours;

Discover Arboretum Antsokay;

Night walk;

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast: Arboretum Antsokay.


Today, before we get to the Ifaty-Mangily, where next 2 nights will be spent relaxing at a hotel facing the Mozambique Channel and superb reef of Ifaty, we will have a day full of new discoveries.

Firstly, Table Mountain birdwatching walk. Table Mountain – a beautiful site of Madagascar, is located at the entrance of Toliara. The place is breathtaking and will take you on a journey between earth and sky, you will have the opportunity to admire the magnificent scenery of the hinterland and the coastline in an overview 360.

Then, we stop for lunch in Tulear. As you sit here on the coast, you can enjoy the wide variety of seafood.

Secondly, Honko community-based mangroves reserve. Located between Tulear and Ifaty-Mangily, this community-based mangrove reserve offers the unique opportunity to take a guided boardwalk tour of southwest Madagascar's mangroves and explore its unique flora and fauna.

Thirdly, Reniala Private Reserve, which is also called the Domergue reserve. Of extraordinary richness, the biodiversity of the fauna of the Reniala reflects the biological magic of Madagascar. It shelters an amazing, bizarre and unique ecosystem which only occurs in the southern part of Madagascar: the spiny forest.

Click here to learn about «Table Mountain birdwatching walk»;

Lunch in Tulear;

Click here to learn about «Honko community-based mangrove reserve. The Bird's haven»;

Click here to learn about «Reniala Park. The Domergue reserve, a breathtaking tour»;

Relaxing at the Ifaty-Mangily beaches. We will arrive at the beautiful beach located between two different villages – Ifaty and Mangily. Since the place is popular with tourists, there are various hotels to suit your needs. However, we recommend staying in beach-front cottages at Ifaty Beach Club or Hotel de la Plage. These hotels provide a perfect setting for a relaxing beach break during of your tour.

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast:

Ifaty Beach Club or Hotel de la Plage.


You will feel the rapture approaching, like a wave! You will have a full day, to do water activities such as kitesurfing, fishing, snorkeling, swimming, boating and scuba. Here you can visit the third largest coral reef in the world. Or perhaps you prefer to laze by the beach and read a book of yours. Enjoy fine sand, warm water and fantastic weather. Of course, you may add a few interesting days to stay on the beach, if you wish.

Look what we got for you to make your journey to this region mind-boggling:

*Camping trip to Nosy Ve;

*Visiting Bezà Mahafaly Special Reserve – The one of the best sites;

*Diving the Vezo coast from Mangily to Morombe;

*Sea Trip the Saint Augustin’s bay and the Sarandrano caves;

*Visiting Tsinjoriake Protected Area;

*Kitesurfing tour Vezo-coast from Tulear.

Here is nothing but disorder and beauty, luxury and want, uproar and quietness, and everyday delight... - in between lagoon and spiny forest, it is the perfect base camp for a few days around. You can of course, and we recommend it, practice scuba diving or whale watching, but also, enjoy many others experiences, as

Quad-tour Seven Lakes Forest, one-day;

Excursion Miary’s Sacred Banyan;

*Quad-trip Tropic of Capricorn, one-day;

Quad-trip Dunes of the Vezo-coast of Tulear-Ifaty, one-day tour and great deal other various activities.

Click here to find more info about activities for Ifaty-Mangily.


So thrilled about what happened yesterday, Ifaty-Mangily is such a great experience! What next? Today, after two evenings of relaxing on the beautiful beaches, we head to Isalo National Park, towards the Highlands of Madagascar.

We travel through the more African part of Madagascar. The Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park forms the border between west and south Madagascar, reflected in the unique vegetation. We will visit this park; most visitors just drive on by and don't realize what they're missing.

Once we arrive at Isalo, rooms will be ready for you to settle and rest. After lunch, we will then get a chance to explore the park and its wildlife. You’ll enjoy marveling at stunning Isalo massif. In evening, you can exploring the lodge and its surrounding.

We will spend the day exploring the Isalo massif on foot. It’s a park as old as the Jurassic era, and the unique thing about it is that the sandstone rocks have been eroded by rivers and naturally carved into bizarre shapes. Although it’s usually very hot here, the natural pool of cold water eases the heat. We will be able to enjoy the varied landscapes and swim if you wish to. We will have picnic-lunches on the trails.

Isalo National Park has several options for brief and extended one-day walks, as well as multi-day camping circuits. For those who wish to explore the Isalo massif in depth and to extend this tour, take a view, what we have for you:

*Trekking in the Isalo National Park for 4-7 days;

*A big hike on horseback in the Massif Isalo;

*Horseback hikes in the Massif Isalo from 2 to 4 days;

*Adventure water hike "A treasure of Ilakaka in Benahy river".

Start at 8-00;

Distance: about 255 km;

Drive time: about 5 hours;

Discover the Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park. The wildlife here is more prolific than in Isalo National Park and all round trails through the national park are easy to walk. Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to elongate your visit to a whole day without a problem. Click here to learn about Trigger species of birds for this area;

Discover the Isalo National Park. What you will do this two days will depend on your preferences. Look at a few offers from many options:

*Walks and Hiking in the Isalo. Short circuits;

*A dizzying trek in the Isalo;

*Mini-camping horse-ride trip;

*Horseback outings in the Isalo;

Click here to learn about Trigger species of birds for this area;

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast:

Isalo Rock Lodge4* or another hotel (standard, economy).


We will leave the magical Park of Isalo to drive further to the Highlands, towards the Ranomafana National Park. If you want, we can make a detour and stop by to see the sapphire mines of Ilakaka.

After the journey which takes 3 hours on a good, windy road, we will stop in the Anja Community Reserve to visit King Julian. We will go do a short walk, max 2 hours. This little park is a community project protecting lemurs. It is made up of a forest and huge boulders and home to over 400 ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) and they have grown accustomed to visitors so you'll get the chance to get relatively close. Anja's lemurs are famous for sunning themselves on the boulders.

Then, on the way we pay a visit to Ambalavao, the gateway to Andringitra National Park. Set amid beautiful mountainous countryside with numerous boulder-like peaks, Ambalavao is like a charming French village. Town’s crafts workshops are worthwhile to visit. The town is known for its paper making and is the home of the Malagasy paper "Antaimoro" which is papyrus based paper with wild flowers in. The zebu is an emblem of the town, which points at the biggest cattle market of the country.

After lunch, we drive further, our next stop is Fianarantsoa. The alleys and houses of the Haute-Ville – also known as the old town, or Tanana Ambony – make for a captivating, and surprisingly panoramic, walk. Fianar´s old town has been included in 2008 on the World Monument Watch List of the 100 most endangered sites worldwide.

Then, we drive to the Ranomafana National Park that lies between the hills and has a very different climate.

Start at 7-00;

Distance: about 355 km;

Short stroll in the Anja Community Reserve - the Small Circuit Loop.  But we recommend our longest guided hike, which lasts several hours - Large Circuit Loop is a six-hour hike to the top of the mountain. The large loop will allow a rest at the top of the mountain at 1400m, with a 360-degree view that includes Ambalavao 13km away. Only very few people do this long hike. It's amazing, like being directly in a Discovery Channel documentary! Past travelers enjoyed checking out Anja Community Reserve on foot. But no worries, there’s no need to bring climbing equipment, just remember to wear good shoes. This would require one additional day and night in Ambalavao.

Ambalavao city-tour;

Fianarantsoa city-tour;

We finish the day in Ranomafana. Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast: Hotel Thermal Ranomafana from 50 euros; Setam Lodge from 60 euros; Chez Gaspard; Soa Lodge or similar.

Ranomafana National Park

After breakfast we make an early start to Ranomafana National Park. Wildlife viewing is best from about 5-00 – 10-00 and after 14-00. This is one of the most important mammal sites in Madagascar. This is where you get a first impression of the rainforests and meet the many lemurs. There are lots of other animals to discover, too, and during your first – quite comfortable yet – hikes, you learn to know each other.

The Ranomafana National Park is one of the most pleasant places in the entire country, established in early 1990 to protect the rare and newly discovered Golden Bamboo Lemur. The area is dominated by the Namorona River and is fed by many streams ending in a waterfall close to the park entrance. This forest is a combination of both secondary and primary forest. Biodiversity is so important that scientists have a base in the heart of the park where they continually discover new species in a forest of exceptional beauty.

After discovering the hot springs of Ranomafana a century ago, a Frenchman built a spa hotel close by. Around the hotel, people settled and soon the village of Ranomafana developed. The hotel is still there (Hotel Thermal Ranomafana). The village is a lovely place with the small restaurants where you can taste zebu steak and other local dishes or join a game of soccer with the local youth.

Discover the Ranomafana National Park;

Click here to learn about Trigger species of birds for this area;

Click here to chose the circuits for hike. Of course, we can stay longer. The circuits last from 2 hours to several days with bivouacs to discover an abundant fauna and flora. You will inevitably admire a lemur or an orchid, a bird or a palm tree…

Lunch-picnic or at the hotel or in the village;

Night tour;

Overnight at your hotel, Bed & Breakfast.

Ranomafana NP - Antsirabe

After the final walk in the rainforest, we will head back to Antsirabe, from where we will begin our adventure to the East of Madagascar.

On arrival to Antsirabe, we will briefly explore this town. One of the major features of this town is a very large number of «Pousse pousse» or we know them as rickshaws. Another attraction is the station, a relic of the colonial era. We can visit the stone cutting workshop where crystals are cut. Here you will come across an incredible variety of polished semi-precious stones and many Ammonites found on the island and available for the collector and others alike. You may choose to visit the Madagascar toys or zebu-horns workshops.

We also visit Lake Tritriva – a stunning lake of volcanic origin with blue/green waters, surrounded by beautiful scenery – we will walk around the lake in approx. 1 hour and during this time we will likely meet many local Malagasy people.

Of course, you can take the extension of this tour. Look what we got for you to make your journey to this region mind-boggling:

*Manandona River Family Hike and Rafting. 3-day trip;

*Authentic and adventurous trip "Wildlife of Tsinjoarivo and Onive River";

*Excursion The flora of Mount Ibity;

*Excursion Sahatany Pegmatite Fields of Mount Ibity.

Starting at 9-00;

Distance: about 230 km;

Drive time: about 5 h;

Antsirabe city-tour;

Click here to watch video about the sapphires;

Discover the Lake Tritriva;

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast:

Royal Palace Hotel or Antsaha Parc Hotel. Since the place is popular with tourists, there are various hotels to suit your needs.

Antsirabe – Andasibe NP

This early morning we will set off for a long journey to Andasibe. We will cross the central highlands with all its many rice fields. The drive time is approximately 7 hours, however with stops en-route we will be on the road much longer. We will stop for lunch along the way and will enjoy the Malagasy life, stopping at villages along the way.

Inside the most famous national park of Madagascar, we will try to find the Diadem sifaka and visit the largest lemur of the Earth, the “normally coloured” Indri. Nature provides an unbelievable diversity here and is home to an enormous richness in species.

We will arrive in Andasibe around 18 pm and after dinner we will visit the Vondron’olona Miaro Mitia Ala Reserve full of nocturnal species of lemurs and chameleons, is run by the village community. This evening will delight in late-night strolls. The VOIMMA Park is an untouched paradise for endemic animals and plants.  For reptiles and amphibian lovers, the reserve offers countless number frogs along its crystal clear river and amazing chameleons can be found in the forest. Truly, it is a wonderful tour!

Start at 8-00;

Distance: about 300 km;

Travel time: about 10 hours;

Lunch en-route;

Late-night strolls in the VOIMMA Park;

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast:

Analamazaotra Hotel;

or Andasibe Hotel 3*;

or Vakôna Forest Lodge.

Analamazaotra Reserve and Mantadia National Park

Early in the morning, you'll wake up in the Mantadia NP to the characteristic cry of the indri. The sound carries for kilometers, and is intended to delineate their territory. Sometimes you hear ten different families, some distant, others nearby. Listening to the piercing yet melancholy cry of the Indri in the morning is an evocative sound and for those who are prepared to follow them through the thick rainforest, the reward is often a close-up view of these beautiful creatures.

We just after early breakfast, take an half day trip to visit the Perinet reserve or, better known as the Analamazaotra Special Reserve, during which, you will certainly start to see the various species, including the Indri, the largest of the species of lemurs. You’ll see them jumping from tree to tree with incredible agility despite their size and above all, you’ll hear them scream. Our guides help you to find the indri and almost always they'll find a family of them. Also 'Woolly Lemurs' and 'Brown Lemurs' are frequently seen. Furthermore there are chameleons, various very special frogs and many species of birds including coua's. The tour will largely be along well-trodden paths, but to see lemurs you will occasionally need to leave the path and embark on a little scrambling and climbing.

In the afternoon, we will head off on the next part of the adventure. We’ll spend the time visiting the great park of Mantadia, few kilometers north of where we are staying. We will do a circuit of about 4 hours, to meet groups of lemurs as the Indri, the Diadem sifaka and the Bamboo lemur. A group of five Diadem sifaka have recently been re-introduced to Andasibe-Mantadia, and if we are lucky, we may spot one of these unusual creatures. This circuit is also very spectacular for its landscapes we’ll see waterfalls and rivers surrounded by strikingly beautiful tropical plants. The path is pretty good, but with some hills.

Strolls in the Analamazaotra Special Reserve and in the Mantadia National Park. Here, in the evergreen rainforests, we can take pictures of the most colourful inhabitants of Madagascar. Chameleons, lemurs, birds, snakes and high diversity of frogs will be our models.

Picnic in the forest;

Click here to learn about Trigger species of birds for this area;

The sacred waterfall and a nature pool where you can take a bath;

When we return to your hotel, enjoy the view. Discover the beauty of your hotel before dinner! Then, in the early evening we take a twilight/nocturnal walk, looking out for the nocturnal species of lemur as the torchlights pass by their eyes;

You can take the extension of this tour. You will love it. Torotorofotsy Ramsar Site contains a number of rainforest and marsh sites which offer mind-blowing birding – a true ‘O.O.E.’ (Orgasmic Ornithological Experience in birder speak).

Island of lemurs and Back to Antananarivo

Prepare your camera! To give you a last sweet taste of Andasibe, we will have a last visit, before breakfast, just a snacking. We will get a visit to the lovely private reserve of Vakona lodge known as the "Island of lemurs" to take part in their feeding and to meet some of the friendliest primates of the island.

The lemurs - brown, ruffled, dancing, lemurs galore - they will want our bananas and they will be willing to do whatever it takes to get them. Including jumping on our heads, shoulders, arms, and gouging our eyes out. These spoilt island brats (that have all at some point been rescued) have the appetites of 18-year-old boys. Get ready! - many lemurs will be intent on boarding a canoe! Lemurs pirates!

Then, we return to Madagascar’s capital, known simply as 'Tana' to the locals. There will be plenty interesting spots on the way. Get your finally “wow” moments on the way, this road is filled with typical malagasy landscapes for you to contemplate.

We will stop at a farm specializing in Madagascan reptiles and butterflies, before arriving at our hotel. You visit the exotic farming centre of Mr. Pereyras, Marozevo, where you will see chameleon species of Madagascar, butterflies, lizards, snakes and other interesting animals.

Also, we will stop at Mandraka Park. It is a paradise stopover, ideal for picnicking. But the big surprise comes mainly from the two pools and the waterfall. A totally natural creation fed by Lake Mantasoa. The vast field of orchids and other exotic plants (Eulophiella, Azalea) only adds to the charm of the place. 70% of the species of orchids from Madagascar are listed on this plot. A few kilometers earlier is located an ecotourism park rich in animal and plant species typical of Madagascar. It is both a playground, a mini-zoo and a location for fishing. And the surprises do not end. There is even a feeling of Switzerland where the air is cool in summer and winter.

Distance: about 160 km;

Unique activity in the private reserve – Lemur Island. You'll be keen to experience this unique activity!

Visit in the exotic farming centre of Mr. Pereyras;

Visit in the Mandraka Park. It's a stroll very short in time but with a thousand surprises;

Arrival at Tana in the evening. Once there, refresh yourself. Look by the window, you made it! In the evening we will have Excursion "Tana-city", then the Goodbye-dinner in the cozy atmosphere of the Le Restaurant «La Varangue»;

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast:

The Sakamanga Hotel 3*;

or De France Hotel 3*;

or Colbert Hotel 4*;

or Hotel La Varangue;

or Maison Gallieni.

Flight Home

Today your tour ends. A transfer back to the airport Ivato. We wish you a comfortable journey home and are sure you will take with you some wonderful memories of Madagascar. Experienced travelers are used to goodbyes, but that doesn't mean they get any easier. When the time comes to depart the wonderful Madagascar, we wouldn't be surprised if you were already planning a return trip!

Transfer to the airport Ivato.

Extend this tour:

Akanin’ny nofy (Palmarium), known as the ‘nest of dreams’, this peaceful and relaxing haven is home to white sand beaches, forests, scattered orchids, strings of lakes and mangroves, all factors that have made the reserve to one of the most popular visits in the Canal des Pangalanes.

For years, Akanin’ny nofy (Palmarium) has been famous for its many very tame lemurs. Ten species of lemurs live in freedom in the reserve, as well as reptiles, amphibians and crocodiles. Visitors can watch Indris, black and white ruffed lemurs, crowned lemurs and black lemurs count among the curious inhabitants of the reserve. This is even a place to watch the rare bizarre Aye-Aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis) with a portion of luck.

take a view

The area of Ampefy is characterized by volcanic landscape and has been classified as an ecotourism destination by Madagascar National Parks. Volcanoes dating back two million years ago and over 40 lakes of volcanic origin are sc...

take a view
take a view

Anjozorobe-Angavo offers you the simplicity of harmonious communication with nature. Your visit will be a unique experience, unlike what you have seen along your journey to Madagascar. The Protected Area allows the followers hik...

take a view

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*Services of your professional, experienced, English-speaking personal guide-escort (French or Russian language);

*Entrance fees to parks and reserves and the services of local guides;

*Picnics in the stipulated places at the program;

*Excursions and visits as per itinerary (Unless labeled as optional or additional)

*All transfers, including water transport;

*Government taxes and fees, including TVA and tourist tax at hotels;

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