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Cruise Savage: Mitsio, Tsingy and Emerald Sea

Key attractions


Put the western fast pace way of life behind and enjoy the virtues of farniente, the stunning sunsets, the starlit nights, and the intimacy in a warm atmosphere sprinkled with endlessly-renewed sensations. From the "Perfume Island" starts a new adventure... This archipelago is worth the detour before heading towards Grand Mitsio and its neighboring islands. Mitsio islands form a volcanic archipelago, at nearly 70 km from Nosy Be; among these islands, only one is inhabited “the Big Mitsio”, and the others deserve the name of “coast of virgin islands”.

Key infomration

Price O/R for 2-8 persons
Duration 16 days
Transport Catamaran, airplan, a car
Distance about 220 km sailing
Camp No
Difficulity Easily
Regions North and Diego; Nosy Be and Islands; Tananarive

Day by day

Arrival at Antananarivo

Welcome! How was your flight? We are so happy you arrived safe in Antananarivo from your international flight. You may feel a little lost once here, but no worries: we will be there to welcome you at the airport. Our tour will begin in Antananarivo, where are we will depart by car, but before catching a hotel we will visit in the Ivato crocodile farm, also called “Croc Farm”. Spanning three hectares, this lush green oasis is ideal for you to relax.

From the “Croc Farm” we will transfer you to your hotel, where you will stay overnight. Do you want a piece of advice? Choose a light meal for dinner. You will feel more comfortable during your overnight stay at your hotel. In the evening after dinner, over cocktails we discuss our program. From the first day to the last day our experienced and professional guide and the driver will be next to you, so don’t worry about it, they are near to make sure you have everything you need. We are leaving tomorrow.

Arriving in Tana;

Visit in the Ivato crocodile farm, also called “Croc Farm”, lunch and cocktails;

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast;

Dinner and discussion our program.

Hey, Nosy Be!

This morning, depending on the flight schedule, we will proceed to your transfer to the airport and flight to Nosy Be.

Let’s enjoy it and discover this amazing place. Transfer by car to the harbour, where we boarding on the catamaran sailboat moored at the crater (Ambatoloaka, Nosy Be) and we will sail directly to Nosy Tanikely Marine Reserve. Start gathering highlights from today on: enjoy exploring the beaches, swimming in the sea before going for a walk along the coast. Relax.

Nosy Tanikely Marine Reserve characterized by rich coral bottom frequented by sea turtles, well-known site for the scuba diver. Equipped with masks, fins and snorkels, we will take the time to explore the extraordinary seabed of the lagoon and we stroll on the small islet to explore it.

The place is perfective, you will can appreciate this beginning of trip. Snorkeling, bathing, and lunch on the plage, then sailing to the Nosy Komba (volcanic formation island of 680 m altitude, known for its handicraft market and its lemurs reserve). Stunning place of anchorage. If you want, we can make an evening stroll on the island and in the forest for search famous lemurs Macaco.

Flight to Nosy Be;

Distance: about 650 km;

Drive time: about 3 hours;

Lunch on the beach or on board;

Nosy Tanikely Marine Reserve;

Nosy Komba;

Snorkeling or scuba diving. Even inexperienced can immerse themselves in the waters thanks to the assistance of qualified instructor and professional equipment! In the period from July to September, we will see whales and approach them close!;

Night stop near Nosy Komba;

Dinner and overnight on board.

Nosy Komba - Nosy Sakatia - Nosy Fanihy

Early morning, we will go ashore to walk on the island and visit the small reserve to see lemurs, tortoises, boas, and so on. Don’t be afraid, our tour guide will be there to lead you all the way! Back on board, we raise the anchor and we will sail until we reach the Nosy Sakatia, the island of orchids. The so called Orchids Island is still unspoilt piece of paradise, offering excellent snorkeling, diving and moderate hiking.

Sakatia is known for its flowers but also it has many other riches. The inland is pretty hilly and it offers beautiful hikes, especially at higher elevations. It’s relatively untouched by tourism, so is the perfect place to hole up and enjoy the real Madagascar, away from the crowds, where there are no roads, only footpaths. Discover the chameleons, birds or rare medicinal plants that you will encounter during your day which naturally takes place under the sign of discovery. Everything is there!!! The smell of gasy toka (traditional rum) floats around the villages, invitation to a moderate tasting.

You can wander among the giant ferns, check out the birds and beasties, laze on the beach or don mask and snorkel and explore the underwater world for which the island is rightly famous. And if you’re a qualified or aspirant diver you’ve come to the right place.

Around 17-00, we will leave to join Nosy Fanihy while traveling along Nosy Be coast. This short navigation will take you on this beautiful island, we will get to a very beautiful beach.

Distance: about 55 km;

Nosy Komba;

Nosy Sakatia. At choice, anchor in front of a wild beach, or in front of one of the two hotels;

Fishing, swimming with turtles or colourful fishes, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, strolls on the islands... the choice is yours;

The skipper knows the region very well. His presence won’t modify in no way your liberty to navigate because he will be happy to let you the control anytime you want;

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight on board;

Nightstop in Andilana bay, near Nosy Be.

Nosy Fanihy – Grand Mitsio

How was your night? Isn’t that wonderful to be able get in such an amazing place as Nosy Fanihy? Extend your arms. Enjoy the sunshine. Refresh yourself. Wear light and colorful clothing. Today we continue our adventures! After a good breakfast on board, we will go ashore to visit the island. An extraordinary moment of discovery in a total communion with nature and the sea.

Then we heading to Mitsio islands, to the north-west, the "4 brothers" are getting closer. These 4 characteristic volcanic monoliths, form a quadrilateral emerging from the surface of the sea. In certain angles, their alignment is perfect. These rocky domes with steep walls prohibit access to their summits. They provide an ideal shelter for thousands of birds and a nesting site for hundreds of families of brownheads, white-tailed phaetians, frigates, and tail straws.

After the 4 brothers, we will head to Mitaraka Point, southwest of the great Mitsio. An exceptional geological phenomenon is worth the detour. Basaltic organs plunge into the foam of the waves. These long hexagonal formations, several tens of meters high, aligned, vertical and symmetrical seem to have been carved by the hand of the man. The atmosphere of the site is magical.

In the late afternoon, at sunset, the time of the aperitif, we join our sheltered anchorage of the bay of Maribe, west of the great Mitsio.

Distance: about 55 km;

Grand Mitsio;

4 brothers islands;

In the program of the day: the fun, the sun, swimming, kayaking and snorkeling, fishing, discovery of the islands;

Do not hesitate to pamper yourself with our “rums arrange”;

Nightstop in Maribe bay near Grand Mitsio;

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight on board.

Grand Mitsio and Nosy Ankarea

Discovery of the Grand Mitsio: On the splendid beach, you can go for a walk in a pachypodium forest while visiting interesting vestiges of ancient Sakalava and Antankarana tribes: on the southwestern end of the island there is a geological formation of black basalt in a sequence of geometric drawings of “organ’s pipes”. In the afternoon, departure for Nosy Ankarea, an elevated basaltic island, edged by white sand where a woodland path leads to a big rock’s top, where the view on all the archipelago is breathtaking.

This site is the highest island of the archipelago with a summit culminating at 238 m. The uninhabited island presents a flat summit emerging from the ocean, like a warship. Its dark and massive silhouette remains much vegetated. Although seeming difficult, his ascent, with a good pair of sneakers, is achievable by its southeast flank. A flight of flying foxes (Pteropus rufus) with shrieking screams the top of the cliffs. These bats, also called fanihy, are frugivorous and harmless. Its summit and its steep walls shelter a real forest of exceptional endemic vegetation (pachypodium, hildegardia, euphorbia, baobabs...). Erosion has created small shallow natural pools with rounded shapes. Underwater exploration presents remarkable conditions.

Going back to Big Mitsio for the night. Some fishing boats certainly will offers us to cook a roast goat on the beach. Comfortably settled on mats around a campfire, this improvised grilled is delicious. This festive and authentic atmosphere will allow us to meet the inhabitants of the island (Antakarana fishermen and Sakalava breeders).

Distance: about 15 km;

La Grand Mitsio and Organ Pipes;

Nosy Ankarea - click here to learn more about the Five Pearls Of The Mitsio Archipelago;

Nightstop in Maribe bay near Grand Mitsio;

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight on board.

Nosy Lava - Nosy Antaly

Departure early in the morning for a two-hour sailing to reach the islands of Nosy Lava, volcanic island edged by rocks rising almost vertically from the sea, joined to the land by a sandbar. Nosy Lava is the northernmost island of the Mitsio Archipelago in Madagascar. The island is 3,5km long and 1,5km wide and covered by vegetation. The highest point is 160m. At low tide a beach stretches along the northern part of the island.

Nosy Lava (not to be confused with its namesake of Radama) has excellent snorkeling and fishing spots because of its steep coastline which allocate particularly the predators. The interior of the island have more difficult access, considering a dense vegetation.

Well hidden, a vast cave contains multiple sarcophagi containing the remains of Sakalava kings. The place is preserved and sacred. This visit is dependent on an invitation by the tribal head of Sakalava.

Lunch aboard and journey to Nosy Antaly.

Distance: about 50 km;

Visit to the village of shark fishers on the Nosy Lava. Note: There is another island also named Nosy Lava, which is a former prison island, part of the Analalava district.

Nightstop near Nosy Antaly;

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight on board.

Nosy Tsarabanjina

Departure for Nosy Tsarabanjina, splendid island bordered by white sandy beach (its Malagasy name means appropriately “island of white sand”) bathing in a crystal-clear water.

Nosy Tsarabanjina - an island paradise. Its mountainous silhouette, fringed by white sand beaches loos up on the horizon. This mountainous silhouette of forested hills, volcanic rocks and badamier trees is fringed by reefs housing dolphins and green turtles, with humpback whales visiting from July to August. Its luxuriant vegetation includes baobabs and pachypodium. You can observe the sunset on the Frères islands with a ballet of frigate birds, northern gannets and white-tailed tropicbirds.

On land, you can admire a rich vegetation interrupted by volcanic rocks and visit a Sakalava cemetery built in a big cave. Fish eagle, heron, water hens build their nests on this island.

Distance: about 10 km;

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight on board;

Nightstop near Nosy Tsarabanjina.

Ankarana National Park (Tsingy Ankarana)

What next? Today, after few days of relaxing on the beautiful catamaran and beaches, we head to Ankarana National Park via Port Louis, former sugar terminal, on the mainland. Today end of the cruise. Next we continue our journey by car. In the dry season, we will crossing the Mahavavy river by a ford. In the rainy season, the passage is will make through Ambilobe.

The road crosses never ending plantations of sugarcane, ylang-ylang, cocoa, coffee, pepper, crove, cinnamon and vanilla. Once we arrive in Ankarana Park, rooms will be ready for you to settle and rest.

After lunch, we will then get a chance to explore the park and its wildlife. This afternoon we will visit Perte de Riviere – which is the gateway to a series of caves leading to the ocean. During your stay in Ankarana, you will discover the vast subterranean network of the massif which will reveal you a big part of the values of the Antakarana culture. In addition, we will make a walk for several hours towards the "Small Tsingy" and the "big bat cave". You’ll enjoy marveling at stunning Tsingy massif.

  In evening, you can exploring the lodge and its surrounding.

Distance: about 95 km;

Drive time: about 4 hours, between Ankarana NP and Ambilobe has a bad road sections;

Walks in the Ankarana National Park;

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast:

Ankarana Lodge;

Iharana Bush Camp;

or similar – (or camp).

Ankarana National Park (Tsingy Ankarana)

How your yesterday's little stroll in the surroundings? Today you will have a great day to explore this amazing Ankarana National Park with the Tsingy and the canyons. Accessible at any period of the year by the Eastern side, the beauty of this unique landscape will make your passage a real disorientation. In dry seasons, its western part will surprise you even more: the big sinkhole and the caves, the canyons as well as the suspension bridges are real treasures, and always sparkling.

The trails are not easy but are feasible for anyone with a moderate level of fitness. Our discovery plan can vary depending on your physical conditions. Still, if you suffer dizziness, please stay safe by refraining yourself. Depending on your interest and physical conditions, several types of tours are suggested through the reliefs, dripstone caves, and natural trails.

We will be back tonight for dinner, and you will have an overnight stay at your hotel.

Full day exploring  Ankarana National Park;

Lunch – picnic;

Night walk;

Overnight at the lodge.

Ankarana NP - Montagne d’Ambre NP

We’re so happy you enjoyed yesterday. This morning is another opportunity to wander around to discover the park. Then, we will drive you to Jofreville and the Montagne d’Ambre National Park – the Amber Mountain, with the amazing opportunity to watch staggering landscape all along the way.

We want you to discover the Red Tsingy in the Southern East mountains of Diego Suarez, on your way to Jofreville. Located right at the bedrocks of eroded canyons, within the single sedimentary basin of Madagascar and heterogeneous vegetation, the Tsingy are made of sandstone, marl and limestone. This place is breathtaking landscape. It looks like time abandoned giant coral in the middle of nowhere, which turns grey of sadness. And the set is just gorgeous!

Let’s continue the tour to reach your hotel for lunch. You will get there towards the middle of the afternoon. Already today we will have time to stroll a little in the Montagne d’Ambre.

Distance: about 130 km;

Drive time: about 3 hours on a slightly bumpy road;

Discover the Tsingy Rouges;

Stroll in the Montagne d’Ambre National Park;

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast:

Nature Lodge;

The Litchi Tree 3*;

Le Domaine de Fontenay 4*.

Montagne d’Ambre National Park

Are you keen to explore the Amber Mountain National Park? Today we will make amazing discoveries. Trust our tour guide. We will spend the day exploring the forest trails and waterfalls in the Montagne d’Ambre which is rich in both animal and plant life (including orchids). Just enjoy strolling around, don’t think about dinner. We’re taking care of it at the hotel where you will stay overnight.

The amazing Montagne d’Ambre, covered by lush vegetation and thick green mantle of rainforest, reaches 1475 m at its peak. And as a wonderful oasis, it towers up in the middle of a dry savannah. This mountain is enriched by endemic species like 77 species of birds, 7 species of lemurs and 24 species of amphibians. The park is home to two species of nocturnal lemurs and five diurnal species, especially the crowned lemurs or Eulemur Coronatus. These primates live in harmony with reptiles, amphibians and endemic birds. If you are lucky, you will see the smallest chameleon in the world, the brookesia.

Walks in the Montagne d’Ambre National Park. Hiking trails include very nice trips to the big waterfall (Grand cascade) with a steepy way back and a very comfortable, easy to walk promeande to the green lake (Lac verte). In theory, the park has 30 km of tracks.

Lunch – picnic;

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast.

Emerald Sea and Sakalava bay

This morning we head to Sakalava bay and Emerald Sea.  With beautiful white sand and a shallow lagoon with pristine waters this is a perfect family destination to end your time in Madagascar. It is protected swirls of the Indian Ocean by a coral reef and the islands Nosy Diego and Nosy Suarez, and closed by the Babaomby peninsula where proudly stands a native forest, dominate by the baobabs with their size. Other islands framing the Emerald Sea are: Nosy Antaly Be, Nosy Antaly Kely, Nosy Lava and Nosy Toreky.

A time to enjoy the activities in this wild beauty place. Snorkeling, swimming, or simply relaxing are among the interesting leisure activities. Beside sunbathing and swimming, Emerald Sea is ideal for snorkeling, kitesurfing and windsurfing. We can be organized day excursions kitesurfing to Emerald Bay and to the islets. Animations and laughing are on the program! At the same time, a picnic lunch of seafood in the menu will be prepared by a team of professionals.

You can choose to extend your stay with some extra days on the beach if you prefer or take the extension below.

Distance: about 45 km; Drive time: about 1 hour;

ENJOY THESE... experiences:







Kiteboarding School;

Accommodation at the hotel, Full board:

Le Babaomby Island Lodge;

Sakalava Lodge.

Diego Suarez - Antananarivo

Today we will go to the airport to take a safe flight to Antananarivo. Departure time usually at 09-00. Transfer in your hotel in Tana.

Excursion "Tana-city" and Goodbye-dinner in the cozy atmosphere of the Le Restaurant «La Varangue».

We also can make visit the Chocolaterie Robert factory and Chocolatière boutique. Chocolaterie Robert is a traditional cocoa producer and chocolate maker using Trinitario and Criollo cocoa beans organically grown in the Sambirano region (Ambanja). The result is an irresistible range of pralines and chocolate bars made by ancient recipes containing only natural Malagasy ingredients. Prize-winner "GOLDEN BEAN AWARD 2017".

Alternatively, we can make visit The PALA. The PALA jewelers is a gem trader with a reputation for its premium quality gemstones and handcrafted jewelry design. Established in 1922, PALA is one of the original gem traders of Indian heritage to have settled on Madagascar. Today, the PALA Group is in its third generation of business.

Flight to Tana;

Distance: about 800 km;

Drive time: about 3 hours;

Excursion Chocolaterie Robert factory and Chocolatière boutique;

Excursion The PALA jewelers;

Excursion "Tana-city";

Goodbye-dinner in the Le Restaurant «La Varangue».

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast:

The Sakamanga Hotel 3*;

or De France Hotel 3*;

or Colbert Hotel 4*;

or Hotel La Varangue;

or Maison Gallieni.

Flight Home

Today your tour ends. A transfer back to the airport Ivato. We wish you a comfortable journey home and are sure you will take with you some wonderful memories of Madagascar. Experienced travelers are used to goodbyes, but that doesn't mean they get any easier. When the time comes to depart the wonderful Madagascar, we wouldn't be surprised if you were already planning a return trip!

Transfer to the airport Ivato.

Extend this tour:

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Anjozorobe-Angavo offers you the simplicity of harmonious communication with nature. Your visit will be a unique experience, unlike what you have seen along your journey to Madagascar. The Protected Area allows the followers hik...

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First time visitors to Madagascar should spend at least two nights in Andasibe, and go to the Mantadia National Park. The Park is home to the loudest and most famous animal the Indri (Indri indri) jumping through the treetops, whose calls reach far away through the forest and awake many guests in the morning.

After spending the time at Mantadia National Park and Analamazaotra chasing lemurs through the gorgeous rainforest you are thought that you had already seen too many lemurs for one day… You are wrong… There is no such thing as too many lemurs for one day. Andasibe has enough to do that you can fill a day or two before, after, or in between visiting Andasibe-Mantadia National Park.

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The area of Ampefy is characterized by volcanic landscape and has been classified as an ecotourism destination by Madagascar National Parks. Volcanoes dating back two million years ago and over 40 lakes of volcanic origin are sc...

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Included in price

*Pick up and drop off;


*Rent a catamaran with crew;

*Food full board D2-7, D12-14; Lunch D1;

*Beverages on board: bottled water, juice, tea, coffee, wine and aperitif, rums, beer;

*Car 4x4 with a driver;


*Services a personal guide-escort (English or French or Russian language);

*Entrance fees to parks and reserves and the services of local guides;

*Picnics in the stipulated places at the program;

*Goodbye-dinner in the Le Restaurant «La Varangue» in D15;

*All excursions and activities according to the program, except scuba diving - from 40 € by dive per person;

*Domestic airfare;

*All transfers, including water transport;

*Government taxes and fees, including TVA and tourist tax at hotels.

Not included in price

*International air travel;

*Your medical insurance;

*Personal items and expenses;

*Soft and alcoholic drinks in hotels;

*Additional activities outside the program.

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