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Trekking around Masoala Peninsula

Key attractions


Have you ever dreamed of living "in the middle of nowhere?" A place where you can reconnect with yourself and make everything clear in your head and then have a fresh start? Well, the “Maroantsetra to Antalaha around Peninsula” is what you need. It is the favorite playground for trekkers!

Key infomration

Price On request
Duration 13 days
Transport a car, about 60 km
Distance about 225 km walk
Camp 6 nights
Difficulity Difficult
Regions NorthEast

Day by day

From Maroantsetra to Masindrano

First day trekking is start with river trips and then hiking through the private park of Farakaraina. We will be walking towards the end of Maroantsetra till the Antegnambalana River. This is where the river trip starts to reach Andranofotsy village. 1 hour of pleasant trip on a local canoe, which hollowed out from a solid canarium tree trunk. From here we will be hiking along the seaside, watching along the way, egret, frogs, chameleons, and at a certain point we will enter the tropical park Farakaraina.

The park covers an area of 1,650ha forest and is home to the Aye-aye and other rarest lemur species. The park has set up four tracks for visitors to explore the nature of the park. Track A (4.1km) leads from the encampment to Vohilingoza's Beach. Track B (2km) follows the Farankaraina River in the north-east direction. Track C (1.2km) also follows the Farankaraina River, but on the other side and towards the north. Track D (1.5km) starts as Track C and continues direction east. After a picnic on the beach, we will walk along all these paths.

Here we still see the Antongila Bay on our rightside. We will see the tombs of the villagers.

At the end of the day we will be camping on the beach near the village Masindrano. Lunch and dinner will be prepared by us.

Starting at 7-00;

The distance - about 24 km;

Travel time - about 08 hours;

Lunch-picnic at the beach;

A day expedition in the tropical park Farakaraina;

Overnight in the camp.


After breakfast, we will move on to reach the next camp. It is almost the same as the first the first day. Mostly we will walk along the seaside and the path is flat during this trekking. Today's trek - it an easy walk.

We will see the beautiful green landscape, rich of endemic medicinal plants. We be able to discover some interesting fauna and flora during the hiking and especially on this track we might see chameleons and snakes like the Tree Boa and the Ground Boa. The snakes are not dangerous and certainly not poisonous, from July to September we might see the humpback whales. In these months the whales are in the bay to give birth.

On arrival, you will be free to swim or walk along the beautiful beaches. Take beautiful pictures for your family and your Instagram or Facebook accounts. Dip your feet in the sand or the ocean. Do not go too far, at twilight, you will be able to see some of Masoala’s secretive nocturnal wildlife such as the Leaf-tailed Gecko or the Dwarf and Mouse lemurs. Don’t worry, once there, you will have dinner.

Overnight we will be camping again on the beach near the fisherman camp.

Starting at 8-00;

The distance - about 12 km;

Travel time - about 06 hours;

Lunch at the beach;

Overnight in camp.


After breakfast, we will leave our camp. Today's target is to reach Ambanizana village. The track will be little more difficult than before. 7 hours walk through the secondary and primary forest and we will be crossing streams, rivers and rice fields where we will see the zebu following for egret. This track will let us see the different landscapes and see vanilla plantations. It is possible for us to discover how the local people make rum with sugarcane in the traditional way.

Like the previous days, we will be able to see various kinds of endemic plants and animals. During our hiking we will find and will watching the red-ruff lemurs, which is endemic in Masoala. Also we will see many kinds of chameleons, birds and other species. We will meet the villagers in their daily activity.

We will spend the night in the houses that belong to the villagers.

Starting at 7-00;

The distance - about 13 km;

Travel time - about 07 hours;

The red-ruff lemurs;

Lunch – picnic;

In Ambanizana will be prepared a delicious Malagasy dinner;

Overnight in the village.


The track will be similar to yesterday's track. However, this trekking will focus on lemurs. We will be walking through the primary rainforest where the forest meets the sea. We will try to find the famous red–ruff lemur, Dwarf chameleons and other endemic wildlife.

Half way of today's trekking the path is very flat along the seaside. We will stay overnight in houses that belong to the villagers.

Starting at 7-00;

The distance - about 26 km;

Travel time - about 08 hours;

Lunch – picnic;

In Marofototra will be prepared a delicious Malagasy dinner;

Overnight in the village.

MAROFOTOTRA (Tampolo Marine Park)

It’s time to entertain your body with delicate treats! Enjoy today. Put on your comfy shoes. Bring your swimsuit, hat and sunglasses! Today we have to enjoy the proximity   with Indian ocean and the Tampolo Marine Park, for to relax on the beach, swim in the sea or snorkeling in coral reef and picnic lunch on beach and river trip on local canoe made of a tree Canarium dugout. You will enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water of Tampolo River.

After lunch, appreciate free time to relax. Many activities can be done in the surroundings: snorkeling on the nearby reefs, rich in underwater diversity, whales watching if you come between July and September…, or to have a guided sea kayak.  Depending on your mood, choose the activities that attract you the most!

In sort of this journey you will also visit plantations of Vanillas, Cinnamons, Cloves, and coffee bush.

Then, we will return to the village on a traditional canoe.

In the evening, we will delight in a nocturnal walk on the nearby coastal forest. We’ll try to spot some more wildlife (maybe even the elusive Aye-Aye) and we will participate on local traditional dances.

Lunch – picnic;

In Marofototra will be prepared a delicious Malagasy dinner;

Overnight in the village.


After breakfast we will move on to reach the next camp. Today's trekking is completely different from the previous. We will leave the sea and go into the forest. It is quiet and peaceful, without the noise of civilization. We will discover many animals like snakes and tropical birds. We will cross rice fields again and we will have to cross a bridge made by one tree trunk. It is possible to see the local people build the wooden canoe near our next campsite. We will sleep in tents in the fishermen's village.

Starting at 7-00;

The distance - about 22 km;

Travel time - about 08 hours;

Lunch – picnic;

Overnight in the camp.


Today's trekking is to reach the next camp in Fampotabe, we will move on after the breakfast, we will walk 7 hours adventure through the virgin forest of Masoala, to see lemurs, up and down the mountains while to meet the sea again. This trekking is especially walking up down along the seaside in a while, it is here to let us to see the different scenery, we will admire the long view from ocean, it can happen we might find out some interesting fauna and flora such as: orchids, snakes… we will pass under the coconuts tree on the beach . We will stay in village, overnight in bungalow belong to the villagers.

Starting at 7-00;

The distance - about 11 km;

Travel time - about 07hours;

Lunch - picnic, dinner - Malagasy delicious dinner will be served in the village;

Overnight in Fampotabe village.


We start today's trekking with a river trip in wooden canoe and then we will move on to reach the next camp in Ambodilaitry. It is here that we will see the biggest marine reserve in this part of the country - Ambodilaitry Masoala Marine Reserve. The trekking is little more easy then yesterday's. You will be walking through the fields belonging to the fisherman. You can experience the daily life of the villagers and might learn about the local culture like exhumation. We will sleep in tents on the beach.

Starting at 8-00;

The distance - about 17 km;

Travel time - about 07 hours;

Lunches and dinners on the ocean shore;

Overnight in the camp.


Today will be a day off for relaxing on the beach and snorkeling in the marine reserve. You can relax on the white beach, swim in the ocean and turquoise lagoon as well as discover the coral reef.

For the enterprising travelers, we can organize a morning of kayak: we join Nosy Behenty in sea kayaking. Nosy Behenty is an islet located off the Cap Masoala. Here excellent morning swimming and snorkeling and then we return in kayak to the village in the afternoon.

Lunches and dinners will be prepared by us on the ocean shore.

Relaxing and bathing, snorkeling;

sea kayaking;

Lunches and dinners on the ocean shore;

Overnight in the camp.


We start after breakfast and we will move slowly along the beach to reach the next camp. It is an easy way and we'll have the possibility to buy some souvenirs made of shells.

We will pass through beautiful landscapes, villages and beaches, coastal forest, Mangrove forests and find birds.

We will see the different ways which local fishermen caulk their wooden canoe after being used. It is done in a traditional way where even the kids are able to help their parents to do it.

We will stay in village, overnight in bungalow belong to the villagers.

Starting at 8-00;

The distance - about 17 km;

Travel time - about 07 hours;

Lunch - picnic, dinner - Malagasy delicious dinner will be served in the village;

Overnight in the village.


We are slowly advancing towards the north. This trekking is almost similar to the previous day trekking. We will cross the river by wooden canoe. This route crosses even more villages, one village every two hours approximately... The landscape is as beautiful as the previous ones. We will see many different kinds of plantations like coconut trees and vanilla and will visit the sacred place where the local people sacrifice to their ancestors. Overnight in tents on the beach.

Starting at 7-00;

The distance - about 30 km;

Travel time - about 08 hours;

Lunches and dinners on the ocean shore;

Overnight in the camp.


Our target is to reach the next village called Maharavo. Maharavo means: make you happy. We will walk along the road near the beach. Here the sea side is on the East side. A little disoriented it seems as if the sun rises in the South. Today we will go through the most eastern point of Madagascar - Cap Est. Along the way we will find many kinds of tropical fruits and you will be free to pick them, but always ask your guide before doing so.

We will sleep in bungalows that belong to the villagers.

Starting at 6-00;

The distance - about 35 km;

Travel time - about 08 hours;

Lunch - picnic, dinner - Malagasy delicious dinner will be served in the village;

Overnight in the village.


Once we have packed our bags and are ready to go, we head straight to the village Marofinaritra that will take about 5 hours. Earlier it could be done by car, but a wooden bridge on this part of the track has collapsed, which forces us to walk. In Marofinaritra for our car will be waiting us, to reach Antalaha.

In Antalaha we will stay in the resort/hotel Ocean Momo.  Once we are there, we will have time to enjoy this superb resort town and a nice opportunity to celebrate the completion of the trekking.

The distance - about 60 km;

Travel time - about 6,5 hours;

Overnight in hotel.

Extend this tour:

Welcome to SAVA, a region well known for its attractive rural landscapes, beaches, forests and rainforest. It is surrounded on all sides by the high mountains of Marojejy, Betaolana, and Anjanaharibe-Sud, and is dotted throughout by small, picturesque villages. You want to go beyond the regular day trip. We're here for you! You will have terrific impressions left of all of fascinating activities and night time entertainment. You are the sort of trip-taker who wants to dive right into the excitement. We definitely realize how you feel. There's a reason why you want to travel to a place like Sava, where you'll find lots of things to see and do.

Breathe in and feel your stresses melt away as you explore the area's relaxing pastimes, such as shore fishing and beach combing. If you're feeling energetic and love the water, SAVA is home to a variety of watersport activities. Swimming and snorkeling are a couple of the fun and exciting water activities you can try out in the region.

Immerse yourself in the culinary traditions and head to the local eateries. Trying some authentic cuisine is a fun way to get to the core of a region's local culture. You will surely be charmed by this journey through: *The big park market in Ankoalabe (Tuesday); *The big market in Antambao (Thursday); *Cock fights (Saturday afternoon); *MORENGY: Malagasy boxing (Sunday).

Included in price

*Pick up and drop off;


*Food full board;

*Rent of equipment for the camp (tents, sleeping bags, etc)

*Drinking water and toilet paper, repellents, plastic bags for packaging electronic equipment and baggage, etc;

* porter and cook;

*Cost of boat services for crossing rivers;

*Сar 4x4 with a driver;


*services a personal guide-escort (English or French or Russian language);

*Entrance fees to parks and reserves and the services of local guides;

*All excursions according to the program;

*Government taxes and fees, including TVA and tourist tax at hotels.

Not included in price

*Domestic airfare and International air travel;

*Your medical insurance;

*Personal items and expenses;

*Soft and alcoholic drinks;

*Additional activities outside the program.

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