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We really excel at tailor-making your trip to your needs. You may want to see certain species or visit particular parks, reserves or lodges. You may want a private plane or helicopter and high class car, or need to travel at a certain time of year. Tailor-making works whether you are an experienced traveler or trying out a wildlife holiday for the first time, wanting to enjoy a wildlife experiences as part of an occasion like a birthday, honeymoon or anniversary, or a busy executive in search of a short wildlife fix.

Have you always wanted to design your own tour but let someone else handle all the nitty gritty of organizing it? Do you run specialized tours where you'd like us to put them together for you? Keen birders, scuba divers, conservationists, volunteers, photographers, surfers, medical adventurers, hikers, bikers, historians and geologists – no matter what your specialty is, we can tailormake accordingly! We also offer unique tours which you're more than welcome to join us on!

Do you have a large family or group of friends that you would like to travel? Does your company want to run its own set of branded series tours? The NDAO-i-Travel tailormade services and charter team can do organize all of this for you, and more! Whether it be in an air-conditioned bus, a minivan or a 4 x 4 vehicle, we will tailor a tour for you to ensure that your dream holiday takes in everything you're expecting from it.

Our team of well-travelled and dedicated individuals will provide you with a detailed itinerary, suggested accommodation, professional, friendly service and all the support you need to make travelling in Madagascar an absolute pleasure.

Whether your party is made up of two or two hundred travelers, we'll pull something special out of the bag, just for you!

You can enjoy complete flexibility in planning and booking on all our tours for a truly customized Madagascar holiday that is in your budget and personal style. Traveling around a theme or exploring something in particular? Our tailor-made holiday experts are eager to assist in planning an experience that fits your requirements putting you in complete control of your next Madagascar holiday.

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North-East hard way: RN5 wild trophy

Key attractions


The challenges we have to face on this route include very difficult off road terrain, very simple accommodations, blazing sun and torrential rain. Team work is an extremely important part of this travel, and you surely should be thirsty of adventure. This tour is not for people who love to do sightseeing by car and travel comfortably from one luxury hotel to another. But who dares to follow us will be rewarded with unforgettable experiences, far away locations and paradisiac islands of dreams. Are you ready for the real big adventure?

Key infomration

Price on request
Duration 20 days
Transport A car, motor-boat, jet
Distance about 900 km on the land
Camp 2
Difficulity above-average
Regions East, North-East

Day by day

Arrival at Antananarivo

Tongasoa aty Madagasikara! Dear friends, welcome to Madagascar! We will do our very best to make your trip in Madagascar unforgettable! Our bureau's team will be at the airport to welcome you from your international flight. Your special tour will begin in Antananarivo, where we will go by car, but before getting to a hotel we will visit the Ivato crocodile farm, also called “Croc Farm”. Spanning three hectares, this lush green oasis is ideal for you to relax, we know that having an international flight is tiring.

Afterwards, we will go by car to your nice hotel, where a prepared-room with a comfortable bed will be available for you to have a rest. Discover the City of a Thousand as you are taken to hotel where you will stay overnight. And in the evening after dinner, over a cocktail we discuss our program.

From the first day to the last day our experienced and professional guide and the driver will be next to you, they are near to make sure you have everything you need, so don’t worry about it. Tomorrow we are leaving the capital city.

Arriving in Tana;

Visit in the Ivato crocodile farm, also called “Croc Farm”, lunch and cocktails;

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast;

Dinner and discussion our program.

Antananarivo – Andasibe

During the course of the morning you travel to Tsarasaotra which means bird‘s island, a small green oasis in the north of the city. The park is a refuge for many birds that can be easily watched and photographed here – among them 14 endangered species that only occur in Madagascar.

After visiting Tsarasaotra Park, we will drive along a scenic road to Andasibe, base for discovering the Mantadia National Park, a journey of about 4 hours. Here the adventure really starts. You will notice that the landscape changes. The road in comparison to many Malagasy roads is in excellent condition but with many uphills and downhills, many curves. In general, it is a beautiful landscape, composed of small villages, rice paddies, tropical plants and forest.

En-route we will stop at a farm specializing in Madagascan reptiles and butterflies, before arriving at our lodge. You visit the exotic farming centre of Mr. Pereyras, Marozevo, where you will see chameleon species of Madagascar, butterflies, lizards, snakes and other interesting animals.

We arrive just after noon in time to stroll around the private reserve – Lemur island with the opportunity to get close to lemurs as they are known to jump on your shoulder to get a closer look!

Distance: about 160 km;

Drive time: about 4 hours;

Visit in the Tsarasaotra Park;

Visit in the exotic farming centre of Mr. Pereyras;

Lunch en-route;

Walks in the private reserve – Lemur Island;

Night tour. Soon after sunset, we’ll make another brief visit to the edges of the Analamazaotra Special Reserve to admire some of small nocturnal creatures at work, hoping to observe the night “mouse lemur” Microcebus, the smallest of all the lemurs;

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast: Analamazaotra Hotel or Andasibe Hotel 3*  or Vakôna Forest Lodge.

Analamazaotra Reserve and Mantadia NP

Early in the morning you'll wake up in the Andasibe to the characteristic cry of the indri. The sound carries for kilometers, and is intended to delineate their territory. Sometimes you hear ten different families, some distant, others nearby.

We just after early breakfast, take an half day trip to visit the reserve of indri or, better known as the Analamazaotra Special Reserve (Perinet), during which, you will certainly start to see the various species, including the Indri, the largest of the species of lemurs. You’ll see them jumping from tree to tree with incredible agility despite their size and above all, you’ll hear them scream. Our guides help you to find the indri and almost always they'll find a family of them. Also 'Woolly Lemurs' and 'Brown Lemurs' are frequently seen. Furthermore there are chameleons, various very special frogs and many species of birds including Couas. The tour will largely be along well-trodden paths, but to see lemurs you will occasionally need to leave the path and embark on a little scrambling and climbing.

In the afternoon, we will head off on the next part of the adventure. We’ll spend the time visiting the great park of Mantadia, few kilometers north of where we are staying. We will do a circuit of about 4 hours, to meet groups of lemurs as the Indri, the Diadem sifaka and the Bamboo lemur. This circuit is also very spectacular for its landscapes we’ll see waterfalls and rivers surrounded by strikingly beautiful tropical plants. The path is pretty good, but with some hills.

When we return to your hotel, enjoy the view. Discover the beauty of your hotel before dinner!

Strolls in the Analamazaotra Special Reserve;

Strolls in the Mantadia National Park;

Picnic in the forest;

The sacred waterfall and a nature pool where you can take a bath;

Late-night strolls in the VOIMMA Park. Truly, it is a wonderful tour! Tonight we are in the VOIMMA Park, full of nocturnal species of lemurs and chameleons, is run by the village community. This evening will delight in late-night strolls.

You can take the extension of this tour. You will love it. Torotorofotsy Ramsar Site contains a number of rainforest and marsh sites which offer mind-blowing birding – a true ‘O.O.E.’ (Orgasmic Ornithological Experience in birder speak).

Andasibe - Akanin'ny Nofy (Palmarium)

Before breakfast, just a snacking, we get a visit to the lovely private reserve of Vakona lodge known as the "Island of lemurs" to take part in their feeding and to meet some of the friendliest primates of the island. You'll be keen to experience this unique activity! The lemurs - brown, ruffled, dancing, lemurs galore - they will want our bananas and they will be willing to do whatever it takes to get them. Including jumping on our heads, shoulders, arms, and gouging our eyes out. Get ready! - many lemurs will be intent on boarding a canoe! Lemurs pirates!

After a leisurely breakfast we leave the rain forest of Andasibe and continue east for about 2 hours to the small village of Manambato - the point at which we join the Pangalanes Canal. After about a 1hr cruise along this intriguing canal with its many little villages and masses of different water plants, we arrive at Akanin'ny Nofy (The nest of dreams) and the Palmarium Hotel.

After light refreshments and some entertainment from the resident Lemur family you have the balance of the day free for you to enjoy at your leisure either exploring the area or just relaxing. In this reserve, you can really leave all your cares behind! Soon you forget all your daily life sorrows trying tasty Malagasy food and self-made rum. You can take a sunbath on the beach, let your feet dangle from the boat stage or enjoy swimming in the warm water of Lake Ampitabe.

We will have a night program the Aye Aye walking.

Distance: about 215 km;

Drive time: about 4 hours;

Unique activity in the private reserve – Lemurs Island;

The Pangalanes Canal a boat-trip;

Aye Aye walking. This nocturnal lemur is very solitary and discreet, you will only see it at night. It’s one of the rarest nocturnal species. It is a very original lemur with its bat ears, squirrel tail and its one finger that is longer than the others. Because of these characteristics they are able to find insects under the bark; they chew through the bark and pick the insects and larvae out;

Sunbath on the beach, swimming and relaxing;

Accommodation at the Palmarium Hotel, Full Board.

Akanin'ny Nofy (Palmarium)

An early start at 6.30 am is called for, either breakfast first or a 2 hour walk seeing and interacting with various lemurs, including the largest Indri Lemur, plus various exotic birds and rare plants in the forest, and breakfast on your return.

Afterwards, together with our guide, you may also explore the lowland rainforest via simple paths. All paths inside the reserve are quite flat and easy to walk. From the viewpoint you have a great view over the reserve, the lake with crocodile and lake Ampitabe. For years, Akanin’ny Nofy (Palmarium) has been famous for its many very tame lemurs. Ten species of lemurs live in freedom in the reserve, as well as reptiles, amphibians and crocodiles.

In the afternoon we visit by a boat a fishing village located between the ocean and the Pangalanes Canal. It is a relaxing moment alongside the local fishermen. The scenery is guaranteed, you will enjoy visiting, the swim and picnic with fresh seafood on the white sand of the Indian Ocean beach.

In the evening there is often a local band at the hotel bar, where you can relax and enjoy the Malagasy music, and lemurs will spy around the restaurant.

Walking in the Palmarium Reserve (click here to watch photos);

Visit fishing village;

Picnic with fresh seafood on the white sand of the Indian ocean beach;

Sunbathing on the beach, swimming and relaxing;

The Malagasy music and the without number cheeky and friendly lemurs.

Akanin'ny Nofy - Toamasina

At around 9 am you board your speed boat again to continue northwards along the Pangalanes Canal to Tamatave approx. 3 hours. Along the route our boatman will give you the opportunity to visit a fishing village and interact with the fishing folk. Further along as you get closer to Tamatave you will see more and more fishermen tendering their fish traps in their dugout canoes as the village children wave you by. Bamboo rafts are used to transport various small goods up and down the canal as well as large canoes and some motor vessels. On arriving at Tamatave, the main port of Madagascar, you transfer to the hotel.

Toamasina is comfortably located between the Bay Ivondro and the immense beach along the bay and the Indian Ocean. Its colonial past resurfaces through wide boulevards with ancient colonnaded buildings straight stand side by side. For travellers, it’s a pleasant place, with long, wide avenues lined with flamboyants and palm trees, a seaside promenade and a good selection of restaurants.

After lunch, either on foot or by pousse-velo (tricycle), excursion to learn about the history of Toamasina and its sights, as well as about a cheerful night life of the city. There are excellent restaurants and bars, of course, we will also pay a visit to the waterfront and get barbecue. Must-see is Tamatave clubbers. They have done on the dancefloor the fame of the nights of Tamatave for years. Place your bets! The Casino welcomes you every evening in a cozy atmosphere.

Distance: about 60 km;

Drive time: about 3 hours;

Excursion to learn about the history of Toamasina;

Scouting a nightlife of the city;

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast: Hotel Neptune 4* (our recommendation); or Joffre Hotel 3*; or Ocean 501 3*; or Miray Hotel 3*; or Victoria Beach Hotel 4*.

You can take the extensions of this tour:

Park Ivoloina and All the sights Toamasina;

The Palmeraie. The Palm Oil Experience and Our favorite heart of crafts;

Babakoto Hiking. Indri-indri Calling in the Unknown East;

Sauvage hike in the East.

Ile aux Prunes (Plum Island). Tamatave's best-kept secret

Do you want to relax a bit and be closer to the ocean? Today we have Relaxing visit: Ile aux Prunes (Plum Island). Tamatave's best-kept secret and little paradise! A one-day trip to the uninhabited island some way offshore from Toamasina, to relax, to swim or snorkel, underwater life here is superb, a mask and a tuba will help you to approach closely the wonderful ocean wildlife and bathing is also safe, since the coral barrier keeps the sharks away. You can also walk through the island`s forests to climb the lighthouse, to see the Flying Fox, and maybe the whales.

Whole day: Relaxing visit: Ile aux Prunes (Plum Island);

Picnic on the beach;

Swimming and Snorkeling;

In the evening: free time in the city.

Mahambo. Bounty Island Experience and Surf destination

Today we are starting an exciting adventure from your hotel in the city of Toamasina. To relax from our escapades on the East coast of Madagascar, enjoy the tranquility and charm of the seaside resort of Mahambo. This fishing village has kept its authenticity.

We now get the opportunity to relax looking out onto the azure blue seas of the Indian Ocean... This place deserves to have you stay here as long as possible. Mahambo is an extremely small paradise preserved, hemmed with huge almost virgin beaches and coves but easily accessible. There are many recreational sports including surfing in the company of fishermen and their sailing canoes. It’s an ideal place to relax in peace.

For restless ones among you, why not to take advantage of the rolling waves and thrill of surfing (if you are not already a surfer, this is a memorable place to learn). Mahambo is a small coastal town and is still a relatively new destination on the East Coast.  After the opening of the first school of Surf, this small town has become a destination for surfers.

Or why not try your hand at sea kayaking? Whilst in Mahambo, you will be able to enjoy your time at your leisure. In the evenings you will be able to enjoy fresh seafood and cold beers in one of the local restaurants. Wherever you go, you will receive the warmest greetings from the residents of Mahambo. The tranquility is the main mode of the village but does get interrupted by a village party. A guitar will be playing somewhere most of the nights as song, beer and rum are part of what the locals call “The good, easy life in Mahambo”.

Distance: about 90 km;

Drive time: about 2 hours;

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast: l’Hôtel Lodge La Pirogue;

You can take the extension of this tour «The thrill of rafting on the Maningory River».

Mahambo – Soanirana Ivongo – Manompana

This morning, we drive to the small harbor town Soanirana Ivongo, where we will shop the groceries and drinks for the next days. We take the National Road, which is an entire show.

RN5a starts or better to say: what is left from RN5a. You really cannot call it a street, not even a road. When we leave the asphalt road at “Soanirana Ivongo” on the first ferry of RN5, we will get the experience of real dirt track! So hard to believe that it can still be called “National Road”… when the hourly average is close to 10 km/hour. We can observe the daily life of residents during a trip on three ferries, moving in perfect disorganization.

This track dominates beautiful sea shores, gets lost on beaches, and allows you to cross (by means of ferries) rivers and mouthpieces to reach places simply magical and populated with many birds.

After lunch we will have a walk to The ADEFA protected area of Manompana and bathe in the waterfall. An hour chaotic trail will lead to the forest where we will walk and discover the biodiversity of the reserve managed by the Ambodiriana ADEFA (Association of Defense of the Forest Ambodiriana). We will go up the Manompana river in the canoe through the mangroves to discover the flora and fauna typical of the region.

Distance: about 125 km;

Drive time: about 4 hours;

Lunch at Manompana;

The ADEFA protected area of Manompana;

Dive in the water in front of the beautiful bay of Tintingue;

Dinner and overnight at the hotel, full board.

Manompana – Antanambe - Mananara-Nord Biosphere Reserve

It’s gonna get wild!  On the way, we have to cross several rivers on rickety wooden bridges and improvised ferries. For some of those “ferries”, we have to bring our own gasoline… Time and time again, we will have to push our cars manually out of the mud together. Of course you’re on the road with well-equipped 4×4.

Antanambe - it is the door in the untouched and secluded world of Mananara-Nord Biosphere Reserve. The Mananara park is classified as "Biosphere Reserve, by UNESCO".

Today we will make the hike for one-day in the Mananara-Nord National Park. You can choose: The circuits established are longer than in other National Parks and take almost the whole day. The Verezanantsoro and the Ivontaka circuits are 15 to 20 km trails going up through the tropical forest and some vanilla and clove plantations looking for lemurs, birds and reptiles.

Distance: about 33 km;

Drive time: about 2 hours;

Hiking in the Mananara-Nord Biosphere Reserve;

Picnic at the edge of a beautiful waterfall;

Back to Antanambe;

Dinner and overnight at the hotel, full board.

Mananara-Nord Biosphere Reserve

This day will be fully devoted to the discovery of Mananara-Nord Biosphere Reserve. The unusual tranquility and beautiful scenery, where numerous lemurs live, invite you to explore the forest. You will also see a multitude of birds, reptiles, and batrachians which live together in a rich vegetation.

If paradise exists, it must not be very far from these enchanting landscapes of Madagascar! The particularity of the North Mananara Biosphere Reserve is to be composed of a lowland wet forest and a coral reef. On the land side, well-equipped paths lead to the encounter of a fauna and flora of an extreme biodiversity. The rocky coasts present their collection of living corals, all immersed in translucent waters where abounding “coral browsers” fishes.

Mananara Nord shelters a remarkable variety of fauna. Small mammals are especially well represented: 17 rodents and 13 lemur species live in these humid forests, such as aye-aye, eastern woolly lemur, brown mouse lemur and the biggest of all lemurs, the indri indri. The indri in this reserve are much darker than the other groups living further south, making spotting them a little bit easier and extremely fascinating.

Mananara Nord is also home to 77 bird species: including Red-tailed Vanga, Helmet Vanga and Madagascar Kestrel, as well as 21 reptiles and 8 amphibian species. The flora is also exceptionally diverse, as more than 1200 different plants have been recorded. Palm trees (47 species) and tropical flowers including some local endemic orchids are representative of this magnificent forest.

Hiking in the Mananara-Nord Biosphere Reserve;


Back to Antanambe;

Dinner and overnight at the hotel, full board.

Antanambe – Nosy Atafana or Sahasoa

After a night in Antanambe, it’s time to enjoy marine nature. Today we reach by motor boat to the island “Nosy Antafana”, an island of dreams in the Indian Ocean, that locates the marine park of the same name.

Nosy Antafana which is a marine national park is far and the most beautiful thing you will ever see. Untouched coral reefs, mangroves, giant fruit bats, and sea grasses where dugongs and sea turtles frequently visit are among the draws of this place.

Relax, snorkel or watch animals, you will soon forget all the efforts that brought you here.

Distance: about 15 km;

Nosy Antafana Marine National Park;

Picnic on the island;

Back to Sahasoa by boat;

Dinner and overnight at the “house of the association of fishermen’s wives”, full board.

Sahasoa – Mananara Avaratra

Time to drive RN5a again! After 30 km through mud and sand, we arrive in Mananara Avaratra. The portion between Antanambe and Mananara is the most terrible of all. We plan at least 3 hours to complete the miserable 30 kilometres.

After lunch, we will take the boat trip on the Mananara River. Transportation in the area makes extensive use of the river, and the river is a tourist attraction in its own right. We will admire the plantations and villages from our boat. Due to its humid tropical climate, the Mananara region is conducive to the cultivation of exotic fruits, but also spices and aromatic plants. As in many areas of the East Coast, the majority of the population gives themselves to the cultivation of vanilla, cloves, lychees, papayas, pepper, and sugar cane... The life of the inhabitants agrees with the seasons of cultures. You will appreciate the walks in these plantations where you will meet the population in their daily activities. Some plantations mix with forests and offer an exceptional landscape, especially during the harvest period.

At sunset we cross over to the island of the Aye-aye, where we hope to experience these bizarre creatures of the night.

Distance: about 30 km;

Drive time: about 3 hours;

Lunch in the Mananara Avaratra;

Boat trip on the Mananara River;

Aye-aye Island (Ile Roger);

Dinner at the Sun Beach Ambitsika;

Overnight at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast.

Nosy Mangabe

This morning leads us along the “Malagasy Riviera”. Here the trail goes too low, putting, even dangerous. We leave the 4×4 for a comfortable and fun boat trip on our “dhow” equipped with an engine “inboard” 130 hp.

The island of Nosy Mangabe located at the bottom of the bay Antongil is a treasure of intact biodiversity lemurs, uroplatus, birds… The island is part of Masoala National Park and an untouched paradise. We will make a tour over the island and at the end of the day we will be camping.

We will camp here for two days, the golden beach at our feet and the rainforest at the back. Dinner will be prepared by our team.

Distance: about 100 km;

Drive time: about 6 hours;

Lunch on board;

Discovery the Nosy Mangabe;

Dinner and overnight at the camp. Dinner will be prepared by our team.

Nosy Mangabe

Nosy Mangabe: the best place to see black and white ruffed lemurs, the Greater Dwarf Lemur, and the Mouse lemur. Small mouse lemurs can be watched even directly on the campground in the evening. Dolphins and sea turtles can also be found in the bay around the island.

Nosy Mangabe is word for word a real paradise – not only for lemur and reptile friends. Aside from the hiking, you can spend some time just relaxing on the golden-coloured beach under trees at the sea and swimming just a few meters away from the rainforest. It’s an idyllic spot. If that doesn’t bring out the Robinson Crusoe in you, check your pulse.

When you will have your quiet time, close your eyes. Take a deep breath. You are now in Madagascar, and everything you saw was authentic reality!

Discovery the Nosy Mangabe;

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be prepared by our team;

Overnight at the camp.

You can take the extension of this tour:

Do You Like walking? We suggest visiting the rainforest of Masoala, from Tampolo. It is “the forest that falls into the sea!” All forest specialists are interested and allow two days to discover biodiversity treasures.

How about a relaxation in Cape Masoala ecolodge? Lagoon, aquarium and friendly people. We can change the navigation to join the Masoala heading and ecolodge. You are now at the heart of the most beautiful and probably the largest marine protected area in Madagascar.

Tropical park Farankaraina - Aye-Aye expedition

After breakfast, we will leave Nosy Mangabe and we will again sink into our boat and make a trip to Farankaraina Tropical Park.

The park covers an area of 1,650ha forest and is home to the Aye-aye and other rarest lemur species. The park has set up four tracks for visitors to explore the nature of the park. Track A (4.1km) leads from the encampment to Vohilingoza's Beach. Track B (2km) follows the Farankaraina River in the north-east direction. Track C (1.2km) also follows the Farankaraina River, but on the other side and towards the north. Track D (1.5km) starts as Track C and continues direction east.

After relaxing on the beautiful beach, about 19-00 we will begin a night expedition in search of famous Aye-Aye, Brown mouse Lemurs, Sportive lemurs, snakes.

Starting at 9-00;

Distance: about 15 km;

Travel time: about 1 hour;

Click here to learn about «Aye-Aye Expedition»

Lunch on the beach;

Night walk;

Accommodation at the bungalows, full board.


Today we explore this park in search of day lemurs, birds, frogs, geckos, chameleons. It is a very rewarding walk because we are enjoying our direct contact with the nature that warms us in the north-eastern part of the island. You will notice that the place where we stay is like paradise on earth.

Of course, swimming, the beach and cocktails will be in the program of the day.

Closer to the evening, we'll head to Maroantsetra. A pleasant boat trip through the Antongil bay will await you. We will see the beautiful island of Nosy Mangabe, it is a good opportunity to make panoramic photos.

Lunch on the beach;

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast:

Masoala Resort;

L'hôtel l'Hippocampe.

We recommend extend your stay in Maroantsetra for the discovery of the incredible Masoala Peninsula and Antongil Bay

Maroantsetra - Antananarivo

Today you will proceed to your transfer to the airport and prepare yourself for a safe flight to Antananarivo. Transfer in your hotel in Tana.

Excursion "Tana-city" and Goodbye-dinner in the cozy atmosphere of the Le Restaurant «La Varangue».

We also can make a visit to the Chocolaterie Robert factory and Chocolatière boutique. Chocolaterie Robert is a traditional cocoa producer and chocolate maker using Trinitario and Criollo cocoa beans organically grown in the Sambirano region (Ambanja). The result is an irresistible range of pralines and chocolate bars made by ancient recipes containing only natural Malagasy ingredients. Prize-winner "GOLDEN BEAN AWARD 2017".

Alternatively, we can make visit The PALA. The "PALA jewelers" is a gem trader with a reputation for its premium quality gemstones and handcrafted jewelry design. Established in 1922, PALA is one of the original gem traders of Indian heritage to have settled on Madagascar. Today, the PALA Group is in its third generation of business.

Flight to Tana;

Distance: about 450 km;

Flight time: about 2-3 hours;

Excursion Chocolaterie Robert factory and Chocolatière boutique;

Excursion The PALA jewelers;

Excursion "Tana-city";

Goodbye-dinner in the Le Restaurant «La Varangue».

Accommodation at the hotel, Bed & Breakfast: The Sakamanga Hotel 3* or De France Hotel 3* or Colbert Hotel 4*  or Hotel La Varangue or Maison Gallieni.

Flight Home

Today your tour ends. A transfer back to the airport Ivato. We wish you a comfortable journey home and are sure you will take with you some wonderful memories of Madagascar. Experienced travellers are used to goodbyes, but that doesn't mean they get any easier. When the time comes to depart the wonderful Madagascar, we wouldn't be surprised if you were already planning a return trip!

Transfer to the airport Ivato.

Extend this tour:

take a view

The area of Ampefy is characterized by volcanic landscape and has been classified as an ecotourism destination by Madagascar National Parks. Volcanoes dating back two million years ago and over 40 lakes of volcanic origin are sc...

take a view

Whether you call it island of Sainte Marie, Nosy Boraha or Ile Ste Marie, it won’t change the fact that it is a unique tourism spot that resembles no other and it are, besides Nosy Be, one of the most visited islands of Madagascar and has a good infrastructure.

Indeed, the island of Sainte Marie and its small surrounding islands are a true jewel and very rich in terms of terrestrial and marine biodiversity. Nosy Boraha also offers a stunning landscape: majestic waterfalls, clear natural pools, preserved tropical forests and - of course - fine sand beaches that face the turquoise sea. Its seascape is equally impressive thanks to its coral reef and its waters filled with fish.

Welcome to SAVA, a region well known for its attractive rural landscapes, beaches, forests and rainforest. It is surrounded on all sides by the high mountains of Marojejy, Betaolana, and Anjanaharibe-Sud, and is dotted throughout by small, picturesque villages. You want to go beyond the regular day trip. We're here for you! You will have terrific impressions left of all of fascinating activities and night time entertainment. You are the sort of trip-taker who wants to dive right into the excitement. We definitely realize how you feel. There's a reason why you want to travel to a place like Sava, where you'll find lots of things to see and do.

Included in price

*Pick up and drop off;


*Food full board D4-5; D10-17, D18 – B+D, Lunch D1;

*Car 4x4 with a driver. Vehicle Travel 4×4 Toyota Hilux/Land cruiser or similar and the cost of return “empty” vehicle;

*Rent of boat and its crew;


*Services a personal guide-escort (English or French or Russian language);

*Entrance fees to parks and reserves and the services of local guides;

*Picnics in the stipulated places at the program;

*Camping equipment;

*Goodbye-dinner in the Le Restaurant «La Varangue» in D19;

*All excursions according to the program;

*Domestic airfare;

*All transfers, including water transport;

*Government taxes and fees, including TVA and tourist tax at hotels.

Not included in price

*International air travel;

*Your medical insurance;

*Personal items and expenses;

*Soft and alcoholic drinks in hotels;

*Lunches en-route;

*Additional activities outside the program.

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