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Thank you for your interest in our holidays. To help us provide the best service for you, please tell us a bit more about what you are looking for, including details of activities or particular holidays you are interested in. Our expert will then begin planning your perfect visit to Madagascar.

We really excel at tailor-making your trip to your needs. You may want to see certain species or visit particular parks, reserves or lodges. You may want a private plane or helicopter and high class car, or need to travel at a certain time of year. Tailor-making works whether you are an experienced traveler or trying out a wildlife holiday for the first time, wanting to enjoy a wildlife experiences as part of an occasion like a birthday, honeymoon or anniversary, or a busy executive in search of a short wildlife fix.

Have you always wanted to design your own tour but let someone else handle all the nitty gritty of organizing it? Do you run specialized tours where you'd like us to put them together for you? Keen birders, scuba divers, conservationists, volunteers, photographers, surfers, medical adventurers, hikers, bikers, historians and geologists – no matter what your specialty is, we can tailormake accordingly! We also offer unique tours which you're more than welcome to join us on!

Do you have a large family or group of friends that you would like to travel? Does your company want to run its own set of branded series tours? The NDAO-i-Travel tailormade services and charter team can do organize all of this for you, and more! Whether it be in an air-conditioned bus, a minivan or a 4 x 4 vehicle, we will tailor a tour for you to ensure that your dream holiday takes in everything you're expecting from it.

Our team of well-travelled and dedicated individuals will provide you with a detailed itinerary, suggested accommodation, professional, friendly service and all the support you need to make travelling in Madagascar an absolute pleasure.

Whether your party is made up of two or two hundred travelers, we'll pull something special out of the bag, just for you!

You can enjoy complete flexibility in planning and booking on all our tours for a truly customized Madagascar holiday that is in your budget and personal style. Traveling around a theme or exploring something in particular? Our tailor-made holiday experts are eager to assist in planning an experience that fits your requirements putting you in complete control of your next Madagascar holiday.

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All of our Madagascar tours are designed to be flexible with a variety of included and optional activities, helping you tailor your tour to your own interests, budget and level of adventure. Plus we've built in free time to give you the opportunity to explore at your own pace. Most of our tours include a mix of adventure, culture, nature and sightseeing, so from hiking the scenic trails each day will be packed full of different highlights and experiences. You can choose from a huge range of optional activities, from kitesurf and tropical trekking, to scenic flights and sea kayaking there's something for everyone. Some trips will be more active with lots of opportunities for hiking, others may be more focused on getting under the skin of the culture of a region. We also offer a range of dedicated Walking tours, Family Discovery tours, Wildlife tours, Small ship cruises and giving you a wide choice of trip styles to choose from.

9 nights/10 days From 1415 € per pax View tour
From 1415 € per pax

Need rest and relaxation? Come and discover the wildlife in the midst of the luxurious nature of Madagascar!

You'll feel like you've reached a hidden paradise. You will be entranced by the amazing natural spectacle that reveals itself to you in this tropical landscape, in a myriad shades of emerald green. Maybe the most beautiful travel in Madagascar?

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12 nights/13 days 2713 € per pax (209€/day) View tour
2713 € per pax (209€/day)

On the horizon is the season of love for humpback whales. Come and discover the island of Sainte-Marie of Madagascar on the occasion of the next Whale Festival. The WHALE FESTIVAL, which will be held July 2019 for its fourth edition, is a unique opportunity to greet these marine mammals that migrate every year to the warm, shallow waters of Nosy Boraha (Sainte Marie Island) in the heart of the Indian Ocean Sanctuary.

View tour
11 days 1900 € per pax View tour
1900 € per pax

Escape to Madagascar Paradise, Sainte Marie Island. Experience the wealth of Madagascan nature in style. Whether you call it island of Sainte Marie, Nosy Boraha or Ile Ste Marie, it won’t change the fact that it is a unique tourism spot that resembles no other and it is, besides Nosy Be, one of the most visited islands of Madagascar and excellently suitable for beach holidays and encounter with wildlife.

View tour
4 Nights/5 Days 525 € per pax View tour
525 € per pax

Your visit will be a unique experience. This Madagascar Tour allows the followers hiking to admire an exceptional fauna and flora, through thematic circuits, adapted to all the rhythms. Different round trails, most of them well to walk, lead through the forest. You can do walks from one hour to full day strolls, among them a visit to a sacred (fady) waterfall. If you are interested in traditional Malagasy crafts and field work, you will be invited to do a special round trail adapted to these topics.

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13 days 1500 € per pax (115€/day) View tour
1500 € per pax (115€/day)

Escape to Madagascar Paradise on our exquisite Relaxing East Tour, offering you combining three of eastern Madagascar’s stunning areas. You will be blown away with these gorgeous locations and sensational wildlife adventure opportunities including Whale and bird watching, snorkeling, rainforest walks as well as idyllic kayaking/boat trips.

View tour
16 days On request View tour
On request

The best kept secrets of Madagascar are often hidden in the Deep South. This is indeed an active tour takes in two distinct bioregions of Madagascar, each with a very different array of landscapes, wildlife, vegetation and people. There are many relatively long steep hikes and is fine for people of a reasonable fitness level. Get up close and personal with tame lemurs. See crocodiles, tortoises, birds and native plant life on various walking tours. Explore spiny forest, unexplored caves, majestic baobabs, pirate treasure, extravagant tombs and million other things of the Extreme South.

View tour
14 days 1600 € per pax (114€/day) View tour
1600 € per pax (114€/day)

The island of Nosy Be is easily accessible and the most popular holiday spot in Madagascar. Drawn by its beaches, the beautiful sea and its diving opportunities, the fantastic wild nature, the magnificent Nosy Be and Radama archipelagos and the prospect of island-hopping, the range of accommodation and some nightlife, visitors come to enjoy all the ingredients for a beach holiday on an exotic tropical island.

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15 days 1600 € per pax (107€/day) View tour
1600 € per pax (107€/day)

The Boeny Region is a legendary land. Located at the estuary of the Betsiboka River, Majunga, also known as Mahajanga, is nicknamed the “town of flowers”. Port city and capital of the North-West region of Madagascar - Boeny, it offers a grandiose natural and cultural landscape. Rich by a cultural heritage and an exuberant vegetation, your stay in the Boeny region promises to be unforgettable. Don’t miss to admire the beauty of its beaches, with an always-sunny weather, and the whirlwind of landscapes, always more colorful than the others. This tour is not to be missed!

View tour
10 days On request View tour
On request

You will wander in each Park and Reserve, make discoveries every day. From funny wildlife species to endemic gorgeous rainforest’s formation.

Enjoying diving or kayaking on the lagoon after hiking in the forest of Masoala.

View tour
17 days 1850 € per pax (109€/day) View tour
1850 € per pax (109€/day)

With this tour, you will discover the Northern part of Madagascar. This region gathers natural treasures for nature lovers looking for authentic discovery. New attractions will add up to the list and surprising stories all ‘absolutely true’ will accompany you to the final destination. Our purpose with this holiday is to make you appreciate the variety and diversity of Madagascar.

View tour
16 days 1800 € per pax (112€/day) View tour
1800 € per pax (112€/day)

Cross rainforest, dry deciduous and spiny forests and savannah. Our tours of the West will make you discover the main tourist attractions of the Menabe region. It will offer you the full range of western biodiversity. It is charming and interesting. Nature lovers won’t be disappointed as the region is well-known for its numerous forests and its rich fauna and flora. Experience fantastic landscapes, rough terrain and meet the largest predator of Madagascar in the wild. After the majestic alley of the baobabs, we join Belo-sur-Mer, where all the beaches are more than wonderful.

View tour
17 days O/R View tour

If you want to spend your holidays in a magical place, it will be so. The sea, Tsingy, lemurs and baobabs are the four main attributes that the generous Nature bequeathed to this corner of Paradise on the coast of the Mozambique Channel.

Ideal for a family, a couple of lovers or a group of friends, the sea eco-resort "Les Terres Blanches" is an exceptional stopover to discover this beautiful coast, north of Mahajanga. It is located in a completely untouched nature, accessible only by boat or by private jet.

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16 days 1840 € per pax (115€/day) View tour
1840 € per pax (115€/day)

It is an inviting tour to take you to the wild,  where few others have ever travelled and where you are likely to see lemurs, chameleons and other animals endemic to Madagascar, especially as you will be spending a nights in the natural habitat of the Indri-indri. They will surely wake you up with their songs in the early morning! A great adventure to really experience the primary rainforest and the culture of Madagascar before ending up at sea resort Mahambo.

View tour
16 days 1725 € per pax (108€/day) View tour
1725 € per pax (108€/day)

This is a very new tour to take you to the wild, where very few tourists could set foot to adventure! A great value family adventure to explore some of the more off the beaten track reserves and parks as well as visiting small towns and communities where you will get a chance to experience real Malagasy life before ending up at the pirate island of Sainte Marie.

View tour
15 days 1710 € per pax (114€/day) View tour
1710 € per pax (114€/day)

It is the classical discovery of Madagascar for those who love to do travel easy from one comfortable hotel to another. This is the most famous and popular route, unfortunately, it also contains hordes of cooing tourists, so be prepared for annoying French grannies that interfere getting the perfect photo.

And yet, this tour is ideal for everyone. Basically, if you want to see Madagascar’s wonderful and unique wildlife, go now at this tour. It may well be gone within your lifetime.

View tour
18 days 2150 € per pax (119€/day) View tour
2150 € per pax (119€/day)

Unearth Madagascar’s magnificently wild Northern region. As an inbound tour operator, we have three desires: – we want you to enjoy your trip, – we want you to be attracted by Madagascar before even coming and we want you to make the most of your time and your money. Go truly off the beaten track on this adventure; passing through the remotest national parks, seeing striking diverse scenery and spotting incredibly unique Madagascar wildlife before ending up in Diego.

View tour
16 days 1895 € per pax (118€/day) View tour
1895 € per pax (118€/day)

Do you want to visit another world? This tour suggest you Madagascar and its nature, its people, its Parks and Nature Reserves located are of the North. Holidays on the perfumed big island of Nosy Be, in Diego Suarez and its wild area - the kingdom of lemurs, baobabs and chameleons.  The pleasant and unforgetable voyage through wonderful beaches, evergreen humid forests.

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20 days O/R View tour

This great tour to North-East coast combines adventures, 4x4, sea navigation and the encounters. For the most enthusiastic of big thrills, but surely not ideal for everyone. The usually 3-day car journey between Toamasina and Maroantsetra can easily change into a 5-6 days adventure… however it is rather risky because the road is very dubious. The “Route Nationale 5a” which runs alongside the coast is Madagascar’s most dangerous road and is not driven by any travel agency worldwide. Only May-Dec.

View tour
11 days 1525 € per pax (138€/day) View tour
1525 € per pax (138€/day)

This package is a classic adventure with lemur guarantee. The trip is suitable for couples, families and groups wanting to experience the east of Madagascar in a comfortable way, travelling with car and boat and staying at mid-range hotels. This trip may include beaches stay at the pirate islands of Sainte Marie and Nosy Nato or Mahambo.

View tour
13 days On request View tour
On request

Try it out literally the best Madagascar experience: visit a true biodiversity hotspot for wildlife watching. You will discover lots of new species of fauna.

You will love to dive on the lagoon after hiking in the forest of Masoala. It’s such an amazing experience. You will discover nature’s beauty: fresh air, green trees, clear water and stunning wildlife.

View tour
25 days 2900 € per pax (116€/day) View tour
2900 € per pax (116€/day)

Forests and Wildlife of the Menabe Region. The Amazing West and South. The second item on the bucket list for many travellers is baobabs trees – the ‘upside down tree’. On our Baobab Quest we go beyond the Avenue of the Baobabs for a closer look at these strange and wonderful sentinels in the south-western region of Madagascar. We experience a full range of amazing baobabs: towering giants to stunted miniatures to seemingly psychedelically painted trees straight out of the London and the 1960’s.

View tour
18 days 2150 € per pax (119€/day) View tour
2150 € per pax (119€/day)

The north is filled with adventure, iconic Madagascar animals, fabulous wildlife watching opportunities, outstanding landscapes, an abundance of culture and gorgeous hidden beaches lining the Indian Ocean; all waiting to be explored, encountered and cherished. This tour is a great trip - you will discover many diurnal and nocturnal species of lemurs. Yes, you will encounter lemurs, but not only them: you will also meet several interesting species of birds and funny reptiles which live here.

View tour
19 days 2325 € per pax (122€/day) View tour
2325 € per pax (122€/day)

If you are looking for mountains, forest and sea, the north of Madagascar is what you need. You may have never been there, but as an Inbound tour operator, we aim to make you go crazy about it. We want you to encounter Madagascar. No shortcuts, you will see the most beautiful places. You will receive high satisfaction!

View tour
16 days O/R for 2-8 persons View tour
O/R for 2-8 persons

Discover Madagascar from its oceans, coasts, virgin islets, exceptional under water fauna, reserves of colorful birds, and others. Enjoy a total change of scenery on a cruise, to discover the local customs and to admire the surrounding nature. Explore a whole new universe off the Malagasy shores: set sails towards an untouched environment, the beauty of which has been preserved from excessive tourism.

View tour
12 days On request View tour
On request

Experience a magnificent private trekking through Madagascar while exploring the beautiful Masoala Peninsula. Discover more than 10 different species of lemurs and witness some of the most amazing scenery Madagascar has to offer.

View tour
26 days O/R View tour

Any holidays to Madagascar is going to be an adventure, but venturing North-east, rather than the more popular south (RN7 - our RN7 road tour), ensures even more of a wilderness experience. No shortcuts, you will receive high satisfaction!

We want you to bring colored skin and memories home. We will visit Sava region, the North and the Boeny, with a many fantastic excursions. You’re guaranteed to experience plenty of excitement in this Madagascar adventure.

View tour
18 days 2175 € per pax (121€/day) View tour
2175 € per pax (121€/day)

This tour is made for you, wildlife lover. Madagascar is one of the best destinations in term of wildlife and nature, and the least that we can do is to share it with you by organizing tours to discover this richness. Have a memorable wildlife experience in the island on your action-packed voyage with the specialist of the destination. We want you to bring incredible memories home.

View tour
16 days O/R for 2-8 persons View tour
O/R for 2-8 persons

Embark aboard a catamaran cruise for an unforgettable experience, with family or friends. Enjoy the sandy beaches and turquoise water, take a moment to inhale the fresh air of the sea and discover the unexpected around the islands. For lovers of scuba diving, we will have the opportunity to make stops in order to admire the seabed. A real adventure in complete safety allowing to discover the most beautiful islands of the Northwest coast.

View tour
9 days On request View tour
On request

A fascinating medium-difficulty trek, it combines cultural experience and immersion in the wild. At the end of the path - of course relaxing on the beautiful beach of the Indian Ocean coast.

View tour
24 days 6142 € per pax View tour
6142 € per pax

This tour is designated for those who really are keen on birds and adventures. The North-West is good for serious birders who may have already done the basics of Madagascar; the standard Madagascar trips that most birding companies do allow one to see perhaps 80 % of the endemics given almost a month, but visits to more remote sites is needed to “get” the others. The trip, however, is quite strenuous and the camping fairly basic. But the birds available soon make one forget about the lack of common luxuries.

View tour
16 days O/R for 2-8 persons View tour
O/R for 2-8 persons

A mosaic of extraordinary ecosystem and scenery that are typical to small islands: rich seabed, clear sea, sandy white beaches, mangroves, lagoons… A unique biodiversity: colourful fishes, lemurs, turtles, chameleons, medicinal plants, baobabs, precious woods… Possibility to see marine mammals (humpback whales from August to September, whale sharks from October to mid-December). Original activities, wonderful sunsets...

View tour
5 days On request View tour
On request

Marojejy National Park is located in the northeast of Madagascar. It protects one of the finest mountain environments in Madagascar, with exceptional biological richness, ranging from moist lowland forests to high mountain thickets.

This offer is valid only on the purchase of our package tours to the Sava region.

View tour

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