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Ampefy. Lake Itasy & Lily waterfall, the little paradise on the land of volcanoes

Ampefy is a small borough on the banks of Itasy Lake. For those who prefer relax, resting, fresh air, far from the crowded beaches, discover this small haven of peace nested in the area of Itasy and which offers many treasures of curious forms. The splendid volcanic landscapes of this region offer some good hikes and fantastic views of the area, very undulating and different from the usual image of the Red Island. Ampefy is an ideal starting point for hiking. The trails lead through plantations, rice fields and farm land. Pirogue tours on the lakes can easily be arranged. You can also take out bicycles. Ampefy with its rolling hills adorned in green, untainted by the peril of mass tourism and overflowing with an extensive range of fauna and flora is exceptionally appealing to nature lovers.

The lush area of Ampefy is with a little more than 100 kilometers in the west of Tananarive. It only takes two hours to reach it. The area of Ampefy is situated on a volcanic substratum whose characteristics are the domes, lakes and rivers that have rapids. Apart from the extent of the lake Itasy, it is also possible to see other volcanic lakes such as the lake Antohomadinika, or Andranoratsy, or ponds and many marshes, most of which are lakes of crater. These lakes are ideal places for fishing lovers and water sports like pirogue ride.

The Lake Itasy is the third lake of the Red Island, its surface which is 3500 ha. This lake has a very evocative name which literally means “basin”. It is with 1221 meters of altitude in the middle of a volcanic area. It is not very deep because its depth seldom exceeds the 6,5 m. This lake owes its existence to a large lava flow that obstructed the valley 8 000 years ago. In the middle of the lake there is a small island where the tomb of Andriambahoaka, who reigned in the region in the seventeenth century, is located. A large colony of bats called "fanihy" lives on this small island. "Fanihy" are pure vegetarian and, therefore, harmless.

The lake gets its water from the Lily River with the beauty of its extraordinary waterfalls which achieved unanimity of all the tourists who already had the occasion to have a glance at it. The edge of this lake is a place of predilection of many water birds of the Malagasy central highlands. It thus shelters an important quantity of water birds.

To view all the wonders Ampefy offers, need a little stroll to join the Lily waterfall. To reach the legendary waterfall, requires passage over picturesque volcanic hills dotted with quaint little villages made up of red mud houses with thatched roofs typical to the central highland. While going forward, one meets very discrete peasants who are posting a broad smile and full with generosity. After few minutes’ walk, one starts to hear the buzz and the crumpling which becomes increasingly strong: it is the Lily waterfall.

The precious beauty of Ampefy is highlighted by the Lily waterfall (Chute de la Lily), that thunders down a staircase of rocky clefts, sparkling in the radiant sunlight and finishing in a tremendous spray that fashions a nebulous mystical aura around her. It pours its water from its 26m elevation which generates a large scum on water. Each iridescent "cataract" travels an invigorating journey over desert volcanic landscape, rice plantations and verdant fields before it plunges down with a glittering reverberating roar from the rocky massifs into a refreshingly clear pool of fresh mountain water that beckons out to anyone who would dive in and bathe in her coolness. Once you arrive, the most classical panoramic view awaits to take your breath away with the best rapid waters perfect for a white-water rafting excursion. This waterfall full of legend is well anchored in a splendid site bordered of green grasses very developed by the water evaporation of the waterfall. One can even take few minutes of small bath.

With Ampefy’s "Chute de la Lily", one will not only make the most of their time immersing themselves in the blessing of nature, but good exercise, knowledge about the island and a collection of treasured memories awaits. There is no good enough reason not to visit the islands spectacular Lily waterfalls, after all, they truly are 100% pure bliss!

After the waterfall and the Lake Itasy, the stay with Ampefy also makes it possible to enjoy the gushing spectacle offered by the Analavory Geyser. By a hike or mountain bike ride it possible to reach the geyser. The geyser site counts four geyser springs. It is certainly the most pleasant place of Ampefy. You will find: A natural pool of not very hot water, which is especially for children; The possibility of massages with clay; Two places where water comes out with good pressure, which allows to take a shower, very pleasant if the sun is patting, or after a massage with clay; And a very special tenant...

The list of products which comes from this area is very long, namely tomatoes, tobaccos, apples, avocados, manioc… and garden products. In addition to these products, this zone essentially lives, in addition to tourism, of fishing; the Lake Itasy is full of fish. Ampefy is a large fish producer raised in the lakes or the marshes, like the tilapia, carps, eel… These large fish, which can easily reach 4 kilos, are frequently seen in the restaurant dishes of Ampefy. Ampefy also have craftsmen who work volcanic stone to give all the forms which you wish, you can have one with your footprints.

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